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1 Gwent Archives: Abergavenny, Lord, manuscripts

Title deeds and leases of the Marqueses of Abergavenny's estates in Monmouthshire, paricularly for the parishes of Abergavenny, 1698-1946, Aberystruth, 1862-1915, and Abersychan, 1845-1952, Brecknockshire, 1906-1955, and Herefordshire, 1628-1935; estate administration records, 1800-1954, including a...

2 Gwent Archives: Monmouthshire manorial records

Manorial records relating to Monmouthshire, 1314-1935, comprising court rolls and books, rentals, accounts, surveys and plans, deeds, correspondence, presentments, extents and other records of the manors of Abercarn, 1580-1899, Barton, 1755-1861, Bishton, 1642-1830, Brym, 1609, 1614, Caerwent, 1810,...

3 National Library of Wales: Abergavenny, Marquess of, papers

Rentals, 1586-1627, and court books, 1767-1867, of the lordship of Abergavenny; and deeds, 1395, 1525-1915, relating to the lordship of Abergavenny in Monmouthshire and to other estates of the Nevill family, marquesses of Abergavenny, in Herefordshire.

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