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1 Anglesey Archives: Mona Lodge mining papers (T W R Jones deposit) (Mona Lodge 1)

Mona mines records, 1789-1889; Amlwch brewery, 1888-1898; elections, 1784-1794; miscellaneous business papers, 1813-1899; remembrance cards, 1864-1884; and personal papers, [1880s]-1897....

2 Anglesey Archives: Mona Lodge, mining papers (M. A. Jones deposit) (Mona Lodge 2)

Mona Mine Co. and other papers of Evans, including accounts and bargain sheets, 1786-1898; legal papers for Roe & Co. v Earl of Uxbridge, 1785-1827; letters about mines and shipping, 1886-1897; personal letters concerning the Bull Bay Lifeboat Station, 1888-1889, and the Conservative Party, 1887-189...

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