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GA (state) USE Georgia state (32.00N, -84.00E)

Gaerwen (Wales) settlement (SH 4972) | Anglesey | Wales

[Also Gaerwen (Wales) settlement (SH 4972) | Gwynedd | Wales]

[Also Gaerwen (Wales) settlement (SH 4972) | Anglesey | Wales]

UF Gaerwen, Y (Wales), Y Gaerwen (Wales)
RT Llanfihangel Ysceifiog (Wales) parish (SH 4873)

Gaerwen, Y (Wales) USE Gaerwen (Wales) settlement (SH 4972)

Gallestra (Wales) USE Callestra (Dolgellau, Wales : Farm) farm

Ganllwyd (Wales) village (SH 7224) | Merioneth | Wales

[Also Ganllwyd (Wales) village (SH 7224) | Gwynedd | Wales]

UF Y Ganllwyd (Wales)
RT Llanelltyd (Wales) parish (SH 7119)

Garforth (England) town (SE 4132) | Yorkshire | England

Garn, Y (Wales) USE Roch (Wales) parish (SM 8721)

Garn-swllt (Wales : village) USE Garnswllt (Wales) village (SN 6209)

Garnant (Wales) village (SN 6813) | Carmarthenshire | Wales

[Also Garnant (Wales) village (SN 6813) | Dyfed | Wales]

UF Garnant, Y (Wales), Y Garnant (Wales)
RT Cwmaman (Carmarthenshire, Wales) civil parish, urban district (SN 6714)

Garnant, Y (Wales) USE Garnant (Wales) village (SN 6813)

Garndiffaith (Wales) village (SO 2605) | Monmouthshire | Wales

[Also Garndiffaith (Wales) village (SO 2605) | Gwent | Wales]

[Also Garndiffaith (Wales) village (SO 2605) | Torfaen | Wales]

RT Abersychan (Wales) parish (SO 2603)

Garnswllt (Wales) village (SN 6209) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Garnswllt (Wales) village (SN 6209) | Swansea | Wales]

[Also Garnswllt (Wales) village (SN 6209) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Garn-swllt (Wales : village)
RT Llangyfelach (Wales) parish (SS 6498)

Garreglwyd (Swansea, Wales) USE Carreglwyd (Swansea, Wales) place (SS 6498)

Gartheli (Wales) parish (SN 5856) | Cardiganshire | Wales

[Also Gartheli (Wales) parish (SN 5856) | Ceredigion | Wales]

[Also Gartheli (Wales) parish (SN 5856) | Dyfed | Wales]

Gelli (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) village (SS 9794) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Gelli (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) village (SS 9794) | Mid Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Gelli (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) village (SS 9794) | Rhondda Cynon Taff | Wales]

UF Gelli, Y (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales)
RT Rhondda (Wales) parish (SS 9796)
RT Ystradyfodwg (Wales) (SS 9796)

Gelli Gandryll, Y (Wales) USE Hay-on-Wye (Wales) town (SO 2242)

Gelli, Y (Powys, Wales) USE Hay-on-Wye (Wales) town (SO 2242)

Gelli, Y (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) USE Gelli (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) village (SS 9794)

Gelli-gaer (Wales) USE Gelligaer (Wales) parish (ST 1396)

Gelli-wen (Carmarthenshire, Wales) USE Gellywen (Wales) village (SN 2723)

Gelligaer (Wales) parish (ST 1396) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Gelligaer (Wales) parish (ST 1396) | Caerphilly | Wales]

[Also Gelligaer (Wales) parish (ST 1396) | Mid Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Gelli-gaer (Wales)

NT Trelewis (Wales) village (ST 1097)

RT Bedlinog (Wales) village (SO 0901)
RT Brithdir (Caerphilly, Wales) village (SO 1501)
RT Fochriw (Wales) village (SO 1005)
RT Hengoed (Caerphilly, Wales) parish (ST 1495)
RT Pontlottyn (Wales) village (SO 1106)
RT Tirphil (Wales) village (SO 1303)

Gellyswick (Wales) parish (SM 8805) | Dyfed | Wales

[Also Gellyswick (Wales) parish (SM 8805) | Pembrokeshire | Wales]

Gellywen (Wales) village (SN 2723) | Carmarthenshire | Wales

[Also Gellywen (Wales) village (SN 2723) | Dyfed | Wales]

UF Gelli-wen (Carmarthenshire, Wales)
RT Trelech-a’r-Bettws (Carmarthenshire, Wales) parish (SN 3026)

Gendros (Wales) village (SS 6395) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Gendros (Wales) village (SS 6395) | Swansea | Wales]

[Also Gendros (Wales) village (SS 6395) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Swansea (Wales). Gendros

Georgia state (32.00N, -84.00E)

UF GA (state)

Germany nation (51.00N, 10.00E)

UF Almaen, Yr, Deutschland, Yr Almaen

NT Freiburg (Germany) national district (48.00N, 7.85E);  Stuttgart (Germany) city (48.00N, 9.00E)

Gibraltar dependent state (36.1N, -5.4E)

Gileston (Wales) village (ST 0167)

UF Silstwn (Glamorgan : village)

Gilfach Goch (Wales) parish (SS 9889) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Gilfach Goch (Wales) parish (SS 9889) | Mid Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Gilfach Goch (Wales) parish (SS 9889) | Rhondda Cynon Taff | Wales]

Gilwern (Monmouthshire, Wales) village (SO 2414) | Breconshire | Wales

[Also Gilwern (Monmouthshire, Wales) village (SO 2414) | Gwent | Wales]

[Also Gilwern (Monmouthshire, Wales) village (SO 2414) | Monmouthshire | Wales]

RT Llanelli (Wales) town (SN 5000)

Girvan (Scotland) town (NX 1897) | Scotland

Glamorgan (Wales) county (ST 0572) | Wales

UF Morgannwg (Wales), Glamorganshire (Wales)

NT Aber-pergwm House (Wales) house (SN 8606);  Aberaman (Wales) parish (SO 0101);  Aberavon (Wales) town (SS 7590);  Aberbargoed (Wales) village (SO 1500);  Abercwmboi (Wales) village (ST 0299);  Abercynon (Wales) parish (ST 0895);  Aberdare (Wales) parish (SO 0002);  Aberdulais (Wales) village (SS 7799);  Aberfan (Wales) parish (SO 0700);  Aberkenfig (Wales) village (SS 8983);  Abernant (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) village (SO 0103);  Aberpergwm Colliery (Wales) mine (SN 8606);  Abertridwr (Caerphilly, Wales) (ST 1289);  Abertysswg (Wales) village (SO 1305);  Baglan (Wales) parish (SS 7592);  Baglan Higher (Wales) parish (SS 7592);  Bargoed (Caerphilly, Wales) town (ST 1499);  Barry (Wales) town (ST 1168);  Bedlinog (Wales) village (SO 0901);  Betws (Bridgend, Wales) parish (SS 8986);  Birchgrove (Swansea, Wales) village (SS 7098);  Bishopston (Wales) parish (SS 5788);  Blaen Clydach (Wales) village (SS 9893);  Blaengarw (Wales) village (SS 9092);  Blaengwrach (Wales) parish (SN 8605);  Blaenhonddan (Wales) parish (SN 7500);  Blaenllechau (Wales) village (SS 9997);  Bodringallt (Wales) locality (SS 9895);  Bon-y-maen (Wales) village (SS 6895);  Boverton (Wales) village (SS 9868);  Brithdir (Caerphilly, Wales) village (SO 1501);  Briton Ferry (Wales) town (SS 7394);  Bryn (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) village (SS 8192);  Bryn-coch (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) village (SS 7499);  Brynlliw Colliery (Wales) colliery (SN 5900);  Burry Holms (Wales) island (SS 3992);  Cadoxton (Wales) village (ST 1269);  Cadoxton-Juxta-Neath (Wales) parish (SS 7598);  Caerau (Cardiff, Wales) village (ST 1375);  Canton (Cardiff, Wales) hamlet (ST 1676);  Carreglwyd (Swansea, Wales) place (SS 6498);  Cefn Cribwr (Wales) village (SS 8582);  Cheriton (Swansea, Wales) parish (SN 4593);  Cilfynydd (Wales) village (ST 0892);  Cilybebyll (Wales) parish (SN 7404);  Clydach (Swansea, Wales) village (SN 6801);  Clydach Vale (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) (SS 9793);  Clyne (Wales) parish (SN 8000);  Clyne Castle (Wales) house (SS 6291);  Coed-ffranc (Wales) civil parish (SS 7297);  Cogan (Wales) village (ST 1772);  Coity (Wales) parish (SS 9281);  Coity Higher (Wales) parish (SS 9281);  Coity Lower (Wales) parish ;  Colwinston (Wales) parish (SS 9475);  Court Coleman (Wales) house (SS 8881);  Cowbridge (Wales) parish (SS 9974);  Coychurch (Wales) parish (SS 9379);  Coychurch Higher (Wales) parish (SS 9379);  Coychurch Lower (Wales) parish (SS 9379);  Craig-cefn-parc (Wales) village (SN 6702);  Crosskeys (Caerphilly, Wales) village (ST 2291);  Crynant (Wales) parish (SN 7904);  Cwm Saerbren (Wales) farm (SS 9397);  Cwm-du (Bridgend, Wales) parish (SS 8691);  Cwmavon (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) town (SS 7892);  Cwmbach (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) village (SO 0201);  Cwmbwrla (Wales) village (SS 6494);  Cwmdare (Wales) village (SN 9803);  Cwmfelinfach (Wales) village (ST 1891);  Cwmgwrach (Wales) village (SN 8604);  Cwmllynfell (Wales) village (SN 7412);  Cwmparc (Wales) parish (SS 9596);  Cwmrhydyceirw (Wales) village (SS 6699);  Cyfarthfa (Wales) village (SO 0407);  Cymer (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) village (SS 8696);  Cymmer (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) village (ST 0290);  Deri (Caerphilly, Wales) village (SO 1201);  Dowlais (Wales) township (SO 0707);  Dunraven (Wales) house (SS 8972);  Dunraven Adare Colliery (Wales) mine (ST 0091);  Dunvant (Wales) village (SS 5993);  Dyffryn Clydach (Wales) parish (SS 7299);  Dylais Higher (Wales) parish (SN 8106);  Dylais Lower (Wales) parish (SN 7704);  Eglwys-Brewis (Wales) parish (ST 0069);  Eglwysilan (Wales) parish (ST 1288);  Energlyn (Wales) village (ST 1488);  Ewenny (Wales) parish (SS 9077);  Fairwater (Cardiff, Wales) village (ST 1377);  Felinfran (Wales) area (SS 6897);  Ferndale (Wales) parish (SS 9996);  Fernhill (Wales) village (ST 0399);  Fforest-fach (Wales) village (SS 6295);  Flemingston (Wales) parish (ST 0170);  Fochriw (Wales) village (SO 1005);  Fonmon Castle (Wales) house (ST 0468);  Garnswllt (Wales) village (SN 6209);  Gelli (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) village (SS 9794);  Gelligaer (Wales) parish (ST 1396);  Gendros (Wales) village (SS 6395);  Gilfach Goch (Wales) parish (SS 9889);  Glyn-meirch (Wales) house (SN 7104);  Glyn-neath (Wales) village (SN 8706);  Glyncorrwg (Wales) parish (SS 8799);  Glynogwr (Wales) Parish (SS 9587);  Godre'r-graig (Wales) village (SN 7506);  Gorseinon (Wales) parish (SS 5898);  Gower (Wales) area (SS 5290);  Gowerton (Wales) parish (SS 5996);  Grangetown (Wales) parish (ST 1774);  Groes-wen (Wales) village (ST 1286);  Grovesend (Wales) parish (SN 5900);  Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen (Wales) village (SN 7011);  Hendre Owen (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) farm (ST 0182);  Hengoed (Caerphilly, Wales) parish (ST 1495);  Hirwaun (Wales) parish (SN 9505);  Ilston (Wales) parish (SS 5590);  Kenfig (Wales) borough (SS 8081);  Kenfig Hill (Wales) parish (SS 8383);  Killay (Wales) village (SS 6093);  Laleston (Wales) parish (SS 8779);  Landore (Wales) area (SS 6595);  Langland (Wales) village (SS 6087);  Lavernock (Wales) village (ST 1868);  Leckwith (Wales) village (ST 1574);  Llanblethian (Wales) parish (SS 9974);  Llanbradach (Wales) village (ST 1490);  Llancarfan (Wales) parish (ST 0570);  Llandaff (Wales) parish (ST 1577);  Llandarcy (Wales) village (SS 7195);  Llanddewi (Swansea, Wales) parish (SN 4689);  Llandeilo Tal-y-bont (Wales) parish (SN 6004);  Llandough (Cowbridge, Wales) village (ST 9972);  Llandough (Penarth, Wales) village (ST 1673);  Llandow (Wales) village (SS 9473);  Llandyfodwg (Wales) parish (SS 9587);  Llanedeyrn (Wales) village (ST 2181);  Llanfabon (Wales) parish (ST 1093);  Llanfedw (Wales) parish (ST 2186);  Llanfihangel-ynys-Afan (Wales) parish (SS 8196);  Llangan (Vale of Glamorgan, Wales) village (SS 9577);  Llangeinor (Wales) parish (SS 9187);  Llangennith (Wales) parish (SS 4291);  Llangiwg (Wales) parish (SN 7205);  Llangyfelach (Wales) parish (SS 6498);  Llangynwyd (Wales) parish (SS 8688);  Llanharan (Wales) parish (ST 0083);  Llanharry (Wales) parish (ST 0080);  Llanilid (Wales) parish (ST 9781);  Llanilltern (Wales) parish (ST 0979);  Llanishen (Cardiff, Wales) parish (ST 1871);  Llanmadoc (Wales) parish (SS 4493);  Llanmaes (Vale of Glamorgan, Wales) parish (SS 9869);  Llanmihangel (Wales) parish (SS 9871);  Llanmorlais (Wales) village (SS 5394);  Llanrhidian (Wales) parish (SS 4992);  Llanrhidian Higher (Wales) parish (SS 4992);  Llansamlet (Wales) parish (SS 6897);  Llansannor (Wales) village (SS 9977);  Llantrisant (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) parish (ST 0483);  Llantrisant and Llantwit Fardre (Wales) rural district (ST 0483);  Llantrithyd (Wales) parish (ST 0472);  Llantwit (Wales) parish (SS 8096);  Llantwit Fardre (Wales) parish (ST 0784);  Llantwit Major (Wales) parish (SS 9768);  Llanvithyn (Wales) parish (ST 0571);  Llanwonno (Wales) parish (ST 0295);  Llwynypia (Wales) village (SS 9993);  Llysworney (Wales) parish (SS 9674);  Loughor (Wales) parish (SS 5798);  Lower Swansea Valley (Wales) area (SS 6695);  Maerdy (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) village (SS 9798);  Maesmarchog (Wales) village (SN 8510);  Maesteg (Wales) town (SS 8591);  Manselton (Wales) district (SS 6595);  Marcross (Wales) village (SS 9269);  Margam (Wales) parish (SS 4586);  Markham (Wales) village (SO 1601);  Mawr (Wales) parish (SN 6405);  Melincryddan (Wales) village (SS 7496);  Merthyr Dyfan (Wales) village (ST 1169);  Merthyr Mawr (Wales) parish (SN 8877);  Merthyr Vale (Wales) village ;  Michaelston Higher (Wales) parish (SS 8196);  Michaelston-le-Pit (Wales) village (ST 1572);  Michaelston-super-Ely (Wales) village (ST 1176);  Miskin (Wales) place (ST 0480);  Monknash (Wales) parish (SS 9170);  Morriston (Wales) parish (SS 6698);  Mountain Ash (Wales) town (ST 0499);  Mumbles Head (Wales) area (SS 6387);  Nant-y-moel (Wales) village (SS 9392);  Nantyffyllon (Wales) village (SS 8592);  Nash (Vale of Glamorgan, Wales) parish (SS 9672);  Neath (Wales) town (SS 7497);  Neath Abbey (Wales) village (SS 7398);  New Tredegar (Wales) parish (SO 1403);  Newbridge (Caerphilly, Wales) town (ST 2197);  Newcastle (Bridgend, Wales) parish (SS 9079);  Newcastle Higher (Wales) parish (SS 8983);  Newton (Bridgend, Wales) village ;  Newton (Swansea, Wales) village (SS 6088);  Newton Nottage (Wales) parish (SS 8377);  Nicholaston (Wales) parish (SS 5288);  Oakdale (Wales) village (ST 1898);  Ogmore (Wales) area (SS 8876);  Ogmore Vale (Wales) town (SS 9390);  Ogmore and Garw (Wales) urban district (SS 8876);  Oldcastle (Bridgend, Wales) hamlet (SS9080);  Onllwyn (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) village (SN 8410);  Oxwich (Wales) (SS 4986);  Oystermouth (Wales) parish (SS 6188);  Parkmill (Wales) village (SS 5489);  Pelenna (Wales) community (SS 8096);  Pen-y-Darren (Wales) urban area (SO 0507);  Pen-y-bont (Glamorgan, Wales) rural district (SS 9080);  Penarth (Wales) parish (ST 1871);  Penclawdd (Wales) village (SS 5495);  Pencoed (Wales) village (SS 9581);  Penderry (Wales) estate (SS 6498);  Pendoylan (Wales) village (ST 0676);  Pengam (Caerphilly, Wales) village (ST 1597);  Penlan Farm (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) farm (SN 7204);  Penllergaer (Wales) village (SS 6198);  Penllyn (Vale of Glamorgan, Wales) village (SS 9776);  Penmaen (Swansea, Wales) parish (SS 5388);  Penmark (Wales) parish (ST 0568);  Pennard (Wales) parish (SS 5688);  Penrice (Wales) parish (SS 4987);  Pentre (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) civil parish (SS 9696);  Pentre-chwyth (Wales) district (SS 6795);  Pentyrch (Wales) village (ST 1082);  Penyrheol (Swansea, Wales) village (SS 5899);  Peterston-super-Ely (Wales) village (ST 0876);  Peterston-super-montem (Wales) parish (SS 9080);  Pont Siôn Norton (Wales) village (ST 0891);  Pont-y-rhyl (Wales) village (SS 9089);  Pontardawe (Wales : district) rural district (SN 7204);  Pontardawe (Wales : town) town (SN 7204);  Pontarddulais (Wales) parish (SN 5903);  Pontlliw (Wales) village (SN 6101);  Pontlottyn (Wales) village (SO 1106);  Pontrhydyfen (Wales) village (SS 7994);  Pontycymer (Wales) parish (SS 9091);  Pontygwaith (Wales) village (ST 0094);  Pontypridd (Wales) town (ST 0789);  Port Talbot (Wales) parish (SS 7589);  Port-Eynon (Wales) parish (SS 4685);  Porth (Wales) parish (ST 0291);  Porthcawl (Wales) town (SS 8077);  Porthkerry (Wales) village (ST 0866);  Pwllfaron (Wales) colliery (SN 8706);  Pyle (Wales) village (SS 8282);  Radyr (Wales) village (ST 1280);  Resolven (Wales) parish (SN 8202);  Reynoldston (Wales) (SS 4890);  Rhigos (Wales) parish (SN 9205);  Rhiwbina (Wales) village (ST 1581);  Rhiwfawr (Wales) village (SN7410);  Rhondda (Wales) parish (SS 9796);  Rhos (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) village (SN 7303);  Rhossili (Wales) parish (SS 4188);  Rhyd-y-fro (Wales) village (SN 7105);  Roath (Cardiff, Wales) parish (ST 1977);  Rumney (Wales) parish (ST 2179);  Sandfields (Wales) village (SS 7490);  Senghenydd (Wales) village (ST 1190);  Seven Sisters (Wales) parish (SN 8208);  Singleton Abbey (Wales) house (SS 6392);  Sketty (Swansea, Wales) parish (SS 6292);  Skewen (Wales) parish (SS 7297);  Southerndown (Wales) village (SS 8873);  St Andrews Major (Wales) village (ST 1371);  St Andrews Minor (Wales) parish (SS 9273);  St Athan (Wales) parish (ST 0167);  St Bride's-super-Ely (Wales) village (ST 0977);  St Brides Major (Wales) parish (SS 8974);  St Hilary (Wales) village (ST 0173);  St John's (Swansea, Wales) parish (SS 6494);  St Lythans (Wales) village (ST 1072);  St Mary Church (Wales) village (ST 0071);  St. Donats (Wales) parish (SS 9368);  St. Fagans (Wales) parish (ST 1277);  St. George's (Wales) village (ST 0976);  St. Mary Hill (Wales) village (SS 9678);  St. Nicholas (Vale of Glamorgan, Wales) parish (St 0974);  Sully (Wales) parish (ST 1568);  Swansea Bay (Wales) area (SS 6888);  Swansea St Mary (Wales) parish (SS 6592);  Taibach (Wales) village (SS 7789);  Tairgwaith (Wales) village (SN 7112);  Talygarn (Wales) village (ST 0380);  Three Crosses (Wales) village (SS 5794);  Tirphil (Wales) village (SO 1303);  Ton Pentre (Wales) Parish (SS 9695);  Tondu (Wales) Parish (SS 8984);  Tondu House (Wales) house (SS 8884);  Tongwynlais (Wales) parish (ST 1382);  Tonmawr (Wales) village (SS 8096);  Tonna (Wales) parish (SS 7799);  Tonypandy (Wales) parish (SS 9992);  Tonyrefail (Wales) parish (ST 0188);  Tre-boeth (Swansea, Wales) village (SS 6596);  Trealaw (Wales) parish (SS 9992);  Trebanos (Wales) village (SN 7103);  Trecastell (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) house (SN 8829);  Trecynon (Wales) (SN 9903);  Tredomen (Caerphilly, Wales) village (ST 1384);  Treforest (Wales) parish (ST 0888);  Trehafod (Wales) parish (ST 0491);  Treharris (Wales) parish (ST 0997);  Treherbert (Wales) parish (SN 9498);  Trelewis (Wales) village (ST 1097);  Treorchy (Wales) parish (SS 9596);  Troed-y-rhiw (Merthyr Tydfil, Wales) parish (SO 0702);  Ty-coch (Swansea, Wales) village (SS 6293);  Tylaglas (Wales) farm (SO 1001);  Tylorstown (Wales) village (ST 0095);  Tynewydd (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) village (SS 9398);  Tythegston (Wales) parish (SS 8578);  Tythegston Higher (Wales) parish (SS 8481);  Upper Killay (Wales) village (SS 5892);  Wattstown (Wales) village (ST 0193);  Waunarlwydd (Wales) village (SS 6095);  Welsh St. Donats (Wales) parish (SS 9368);  Wenvoe (Wales) village (ST 1272);  Wenvoe Castle (Wales) house (ST 1271);  Whitchurch (Cardiff, Wales) parish (ST 1479);  Wick (Wales) parish (SS 9272);  Wyllie (Wales) village (ST 1794);  Wyndham (Wales) village (SS 9391);  Ynys-y-mond (Wales) parish (SN 7102);  Ynysawdre (Wales) parish (SS 8984);  Ynysmeudwy (Wales) village (SN 7305);  Ynystanglws (Wales) house (SS 6699);  Ynystawe (Wales) village (SN 6800);  Ynysybwl (Wales) village (ST 0594);  Ystalyfera (Wales) parish (SN 7608);  Ystrad (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) parish (SS 9895);  Ystrad Mynach (Wales) parish (ST 1494);  Ystradowen (Carmarthenshire, Wales) village (SN 7512);  Ystradowen (Vale of Glamorgan, Wales) village (ST 0177);  Ystradyfodwg (Wales) (SS 9796)

RT Bridgend (Wales) unitary authority (SS 9080)
RT Caerphilly (Wales) county borough (ST 1586)
RT Cardiff (Wales) unitary authority (ST 1876)
RT Merthyr Tydfil (Wales) county borough (SO 0506)
RT Mid Glamorgan (Wales) county (ST 0789)
RT South Glamorgan (Wales) county (ST 1876)
RT Swansea (Wales) unitary authority (SS 6494)
RT West Glamorgan (Wales) county (SS 6494)

Glamorganshire (Wales) USE Glamorgan (Wales) county (ST 0572)

Glan-Gwili (Wales) village (SN 4322) | Carmarthenshire | Wales

[Also Glan-Gwili (Wales) village (SN 4322) | Dyfed | Wales]

RT Abergwili (Wales) parish (SN 4321)

Glanaman (Wales) village (SN 6713) | Carmarthenshire | Wales

[Also Glanaman (Wales) village (SN 6713) | Dyfed | Wales]

RT Cwmaman (Carmarthenshire, Wales) civil parish, urban district (SN 6714)

Glanconwy (Wales) USE Llansanffraid Glan Conwy (Wales) parish (SH 8352)

Glandwr (Pembrokeshire, Wales) village (SN 1928) | Dyfed | Wales

[Also Glandwr (Pembrokeshire, Wales) village (SN 1928) | Pembrokeshire | Wales]

UF Glandŵr (Pembrokeshire: village)
RT Whitland (Wales) parish (SN 2016)

Glandŵr (Pembrokeshire: village) USE Glandwr (Pembrokeshire, Wales) village (SN 1928)

Glandŵr (Swansea, Wales) USE Landore (Wales) area (SS 6595)

Glannau Teifi (Wales: rural district) USE Teifiside (Wales) rural district (SN 4140)

Glanrhyd (Buan, Wales) village (SH 2835) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Glanrhyd (Buan, Wales) village (SH 2835) | Gwynedd | Wales]

RT Buan (Wales) parish (SH 3036)

Glanrhyd Farm (Pembrey, Wales) farm (SN 4201) | Carmarthenshire | Wales

[Also Glanrhyd Farm (Pembrey, Wales) farm (SN 4201) | Dyfed | Wales]

RT Pembrey (Wales) parish (SN 4201)

Glantawe (Swansea, Wales)

Glanyrafon (Anglesey, Wales) village (SH 5069) | Anglesey | Wales

[Also Glanyrafon (Anglesey, Wales) village (SH 5069) | Anglesey | Wales]

[Also Glanyrafon (Anglesey, Wales) village (SH 5069) | Gwynedd | Wales]

RT Llanedwen (Wales) parish (SH 5168)

Glasbury (Wales) parish (SO 1793) | Powys | Wales

[Also Glasbury (Wales) parish (SO 1793) | Radnorshire | Wales]

NT Maesllwch Castle (Wales) castle (SO 1740)

Glascoed (Monmouthshire, Wales) (SO 3301)

Glasgow (Scotland) city (NS 5965) | Scotland

Gloucestershire (England) county (SO 8318) | England

UF Caerloyw (England)

NT Almondsbury (England) parish (ST 6084);  Aust (England) village (ST 5789);  Beachley (England) village (ST 5591);  Bristol (England) city and county (ST 6075);  Dean, Forest of (England : Forest) area (SO 6211);  Henbury (Gloucestershire, England) parish (ST 5678);  Lawrence Weston (England) parish (ST 5478);  New Passage (England) village (ST 5486);  Tidenham (England) parish (ST 5595);  Westbury on Trym (England) parish (ST 5677);  Whitecroft (Gloucestershire, England) village (SO 6106);  Wick (Gloucestershire, England) parish (ST 7073)

Glyn Ceiriog (Wales) parish (SJ 2038) | Clwyd | Wales

[Also Glyn Ceiriog (Wales) parish (SJ 2038) | Denbighshire | Wales]

[Also Glyn Ceiriog (Wales) parish (SJ 2038) | Wrexham | Wales]

UF Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog (Wales), Llansanffraid Glynceiriog (Wales), Glynceiriog (Wales)

Glyn Ebwy (Wales) USE Ebbw Vale (Wales) town (SO 1609)

Glyn-meirch (Wales) house (SN 7104) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Glyn-meirch (Wales) house (SN 7104) | Neath Port Talbot | Wales]

[Also Glyn-meirch (Wales) house (SN 7104) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Glynmeirch (Neath Port Talbot, Wales)
RT Pontardawe (Wales : town) town (SN 7204)

Glyn-neath (Wales) village (SN 8706) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Glyn-neath (Wales) village (SN 8706) | Neath Port Talbot | Wales]

[Also Glyn-neath (Wales) village (SN 8706) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Glyn-nedd (Wales), Glynneath (Wales)
RT Neath (Wales) town (SS 7497)

Glyn-nedd (Wales) USE Glyn-neath (Wales) village (SN 8706)

Glynarthen (Wales) parish (SN 3148) | Cardiganshire | Wales

[Also Glynarthen (Wales) parish (SN 3148) | Ceredigion | Wales]

[Also Glynarthen (Wales) parish (SN 3148) | Dyfed | Wales]

RT Penbryn (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 2952)

Glynceiriog (Wales) USE Glyn Ceiriog (Wales) parish (SJ 2038)

Glyncorrwg (Wales) parish (SS 8799) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Glyncorrwg (Wales) parish (SS 8799) | Neath Port Talbot | Wales]

[Also Glyncorrwg (Wales) parish (SS 8799) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

RT Cymer (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) village (SS 8696)

Glyndyfrdwy (Wales) parish (SJ 1442) | Merioneth | Wales

[Also Glyndyfrdwy (Wales) parish (SJ 1442) | Denbighshire | Wales]

[Also Glyndyfrdwy (Wales) parish (SJ 1442) | Clwyd | Wales]

UF Llansanffraid Glyndyfrdwy (Wales), Llansantffraid Glyndyfrdwy (Wales)

Glynebwy (Wales) USE Ebbw Vale (Wales) town (SO 1609)

Glynllifon (Wales) house (SH 4555) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Glynllifon (Wales) house (SH 4555) | Gwynedd | Wales]

RT Llandwrog (Wales) parish (SH 4556)

Glynmeirch (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) USE Glyn-meirch (Wales) house (SN 7104)

Glynneath (Wales) USE Glyn-neath (Wales) village (SN 8706)

Glynogwr (Wales) Parish (SS 9587) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Glynogwr (Wales) Parish (SS 9587) | Bridgend | Wales]

[Also Glynogwr (Wales) Parish (SS 9587) | Mid Glamorgan | Wales]

RT Llandyfodwg (Wales) parish (SS 9587)

Godre'r-graig (Wales) village (SN 7506) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Godre'r-graig (Wales) village (SN 7506) | Neath Port Talbot | Wales]

[Also Godre'r-graig (Wales) village (SN 7506) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Godre'rgraig (Wales : village)
RT Llangiwg (Wales) parish (SN 7205)

Godre'rgraig (Wales : village) USE Godre'r-graig (Wales) village (SN 7506)

Goetre (Monmouthshire, Wales) parish (SO 3205) | Monmouthshire | Wales

[Also Goetre (Monmouthshire, Wales) parish (SO 3205) | Gwent | Wales]

UF Goytre Fawr (Monmouthshire, Wales), Goetre Fawr (Monmouthshire, Wales)

Goetre Fawr (Monmouthshire, Wales) USE Goetre (Monmouthshire, Wales) parish (SO 3205)

Gogarth (Gwynedd, Wales) house (SN 6798) | Gwynedd | Wales

[Also Gogarth (Gwynedd, Wales) house (SN 6798) | Merioneth | Wales]

RT Tywyn (Gwynedd, Wales) parish (SH 5800)

Goginan (Wales) village (SN 6881) | Cardiganshire | Wales

[Also Goginan (Wales) village (SN 6881) | Ceredigion | Wales]

[Also Goginan (Wales) village (SN 6881) | Dyfed | Wales]

Goldcliff (Wales) parish (ST 3683) | Gwent | Wales

[Also Goldcliff (Wales) parish (ST 3683) | Monmouthshire | Wales]

[Also Goldcliff (Wales) parish (ST 3683) | Newport | Wales]

RT Saltmarsh Farm (Goldcliff, Wales) farm (ST 3582)

Goodman's Quarry (Wales) quarry (SH 5760) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

UF Ty Du Quarry , Green's Quarry
RT Llanberis (Wales) parish (SH 5760)

Goodwick (Wales) parish (SM 9438) | Dyfed | Wales

[Also Goodwick (Wales) parish (SM 9438) | Pembrokeshire | Wales]

UF Wdig (Wales : parish)
RT Fishguard and Goodwick (Wales) town (SM 9537)

Gorllewin Morgannwg (Wales) USE West Glamorgan (Wales) county (SS 6494)

Gors (Wales) village (SN 6377) | Cardiganshire | Wales

[Also Gors (Wales) village (SN 6377) | Ceredigion | Wales]

[Also Gors (Wales) village (SN 6377) | Dyfed | Wales]

UF Gors, Y (Wales: village), Y Gors (Wales: village)
RT Llanfihangel-y-Creuddyn (Wales) parish (SN 6676 )

Gors, Y (Wales: village) USE Gors (Wales) village (SN 6377)

Gorsedd (Wales) parish (SJ 1576) | Flintshire | Wales

[Also Gorsedd (Wales) parish (SJ 1576) | Clwyd | Wales]

RT Whitford (Wales) parish (SJ 2275)

Gorseinon (Wales) parish (SS 5898) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Gorseinon (Wales) parish (SS 5898) | Swansea | Wales]

[Also Gorseinon (Wales) parish (SS 5898) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

Gorsgoch (Wales) village (SN 4850) | Cardiganshire | Wales

[Also Gorsgoch (Wales) village (SN 4850) | Ceredigion | Wales]

[Also Gorsgoch (Wales) village (SN 4850) | Dyfed | Wales]

Gower (Wales) area (SS 5290) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Gower (Wales) area (SS 5290) | Swansea | Wales]

[Also Gower (Wales) area (SS 5290) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Gŵyr (Wales)
RT Oxwich (Wales) (SS 4986)
RT Reynoldston (Wales) (SS 4890)
RT Swansea (Wales) unitary authority (SS 6494)

Gowerton (Wales) parish (SS 5996) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Gowerton (Wales) parish (SS 5996) | Swansea | Wales]

[Also Gowerton (Wales) parish (SS 5996) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Tre-gŵyr (Wales)

Goytre (Wales) (SS 7889)

Goytre Fawr (Monmouthshire, Wales) USE Goetre (Monmouthshire, Wales) parish (SO 3205)

Graeanog (Wales) USE Graianog (Wales) house (SH 4549)

Graianog (Wales) house (SH 4549) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Graianog (Wales) house (SH 4549) | Gwynedd | Wales]

UF Cwmgraeanog (Wales) , Graeanog (Wales)
RT Clynnog-fawr (Wales) parish (SH 4149)

Graigcefnparc (Wales : village) USE Craig-cefn-parc (Wales) village (SN 6702)

Grangemouth (Scotland) town (NS 9381)

Grangetown (Wales) parish (ST 1774) | South Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Grangetown (Wales) parish (ST 1774) | Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Grangetown (Wales) parish (ST 1774) | Cardiff | Wales]

Granston (Wales) parish (SM 8934) | Pembrokeshire | Wales

[Also Granston (Wales) parish (SM 8934) | Dyfed | Wales]

UF Treopert (Wales)

Grays (England) town (TQ 6177) | Essex | England

Great Britain nation (TQ 3181 )

UF UK , Y Deyrnas Unedig , Deyrnas Unedig, Y, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

RT England nation (TQ 3282)
RT Scotland nation (NT 2773)
RT Wales nation (ST 1876)

Great Orme (Wales) hill (SH 7583) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Great Orme (Wales) hill (SH 7583) | Conwy | Wales]

UF Pen-y-Gogarth (Wales), Great Ormes Head (Wales)
RT Llandudno (Wales) parish (SH 7881)

Great Ormes Head (Wales) USE Great Orme (Wales) hill (SH 7583)

Greece nation (38.00N, 23.50E)

UF Ellas, Groeg

Green's Quarry USE Goodman's Quarry (Wales) quarry (SH 5760)

Greenfield (Flintshire, Wales) village (SJ 1977) | Flintshire | Wales

[Also Greenfield (Flintshire, Wales) village (SJ 1977) | Clwyd | Wales]

UF Maes-glas (Flintshire, Wales), Maes Glas (Flintshire, Wales)
RT Holywell (Wales) town (SJ 1876)

Greenham Common (Commune) USE Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp

UF Yellow Gate (Commune) , Greenham Common (Commune) , Yellow Gate Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp

Gresffordd (Wales) USE Gresford (Wales) parish (SJ 3554)

Gresford (Wales) parish (SJ 3554) | Denbighshire | Wales

[Also Gresford (Wales) parish (SJ 3554) | Clwyd | Wales]

[Also Gresford (Wales) parish (SJ 3554) | Wrexham | Wales]

UF Gresffordd (Wales)
RT Gwersyllt (Wales) parish (SJ 3253)

Greuor (Wales) farm (SH 5265) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Greuor (Wales) farm (SH 5265) | Gwynedd | Wales]

UF Greuor Farm (Wales)
RT Bethel (Felinheli, Gwynedd, Wales) village (SH 5265)

Greuor Farm (Wales) USE Greuor (Wales) farm (SH 5265)

Griffithstown (Wales) (ST 2999)

Groeg USE Greece nation (38.00N, 23.50E)

Groes-wen (Wales) village (ST 1286) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Groes-wen (Wales) village (ST 1286) | Mid Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Groes-wen (Wales) village (ST 1286) | Caerphilly | Wales]

RT Caerphilly (Wales) county borough (ST 1586)
RT Eglwysilan (Wales) parish (ST 1288)

Groeslon (Wales) village (SH 4755) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Groeslon (Wales) village (SH 4755) | Gwynedd | Wales]

UF Y Groeslon (Wales), Groeslon, Y (Wales)
RT Llandwrog (Wales) parish (SH 4556)

Groeslon, Y (Wales) USE Groeslon (Wales) village (SH 4755)

Grosmont (Wales) (SO 4024) | Gwent | Wales

[Also Grosmont (Wales) (SO 4024) | Monmouthshire | Wales]

Grovesend (Wales) parish (SN 5900) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Grovesend (Wales) parish (SN 5900) | Swansea | Wales]

[Also Grovesend (Wales) parish (SN 5900) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Pengelliddrain (Wales), Pengelli (Wales)
RT Llandeilo Tal-y-bont (Wales) parish (SN 6004)

Grwyne Fawr Reservoir (Wales) reservoir (SO 2230) | Breconshire | Wales

[Also Grwyne Fawr Reservoir (Wales) reservoir (SO 2230) | Powys | Wales]

Guernsey dependent state (49.60N, -2.60E)

Guilsfield (Wales) parish (SJ 2211) | Montgomeryshire | Wales

[Also Guilsfield (Wales) parish (SJ 2211) | Powys | Wales]

UF Cegidfa (Wales)

Gwaenysgor (Wales) parish (SJ 0781) | Flintshire | Wales

[Also Gwaenysgor (Wales) parish (SJ 0781) | Flintshire | Wales]

[Also Gwaenysgor (Wales) parish (SJ 0781) | Clwyd | Wales]

UF Gwaunysgor (Wales)

Gwalchmai (Wales) settlement (SH 3876) | Anglesey | Wales

[Also Gwalchmai (Wales) settlement (SH 3876) | Gwynedd | Wales]

[Also Gwalchmai (Wales) settlement (SH 3876) | Anglesey | Wales]

RT Llainfeirig (Wales) place (SH 3876)
RT Trewalchmai (Wales) parish (SH 3975)

Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen (Wales) village (SN 7011) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen (Wales) village (SN 7011) | Neath Port Talbot | Wales]

[Also Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen (Wales) village (SN 7011) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Gwauncaegurwen (Wales)
RT Llangiwg (Wales) parish (SN 7205)

Gwaun-clawdd Colliery (Wales) USE Gwaunclawdd Colliery (Wales) mine (SN 8112)

Gwauncaegurwen (Wales) USE Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen (Wales) village (SN 7011)

Gwaunclawdd Colliery (Wales) mine (SN 8112) | Breconshire | Wales

[Also Gwaunclawdd Colliery (Wales) mine (SN 8112) | Powys | Wales]

UF Gwaun-clawdd Colliery (Wales)
RT Abercraf (Wales) village (SN 8212)

Gwaunysgor (Wales) USE Gwaenysgor (Wales) parish (SJ 0781)

Gwehelog (Wales) (SO 3804)

Gwenddwr (Wales) parish (SO 0643) | Breconshire | Wales

[Also Gwenddwr (Wales) parish (SO 0643) | Powys | Wales]

RT Builth (Wales : rural district) rural district (SN 9655)

Gwendraeth Valley (Wales) area (SN 4711) | Carmarthenshire | Wales

[Also Gwendraeth Valley (Wales) area (SN 4711) | Dyfed | Wales]

UF Cwm Gwendraeth (Wales)

Gwenfo (Wales) USE Wenvoe (Wales) village (ST 1272)

Gwenlli (Wales) hamlet (SN 3953) | Cardiganshire | Wales

[Also Gwenlli (Wales) hamlet (SN 3953) | Ceredigion | Wales]

[Also Gwenlli (Wales) hamlet (SN 3953) | Dyfed | Wales]

RT Llanarth (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 4257)

Gwent (Wales) county (SO 2800) | Wales

NT Abercarn (Wales) parish (ST 2194);  Abergavenny (Wales) town (SO 2914);  Abersychan (Wales) parish (SO 2603);  Abertillery (Wales) parish (SO 2104);  Aberystruth (Wales) parish (SO 2009);  Bassaleg (Wales) parish (ST 2786);  Beaufort (Wales) village (SO 1601);  Bedwas (Wales) parish (ST 1789);  Bedwellty (Wales) parish (SO 1600);  Bettws (Newport, Wales) parish (ST 2990);  Bishton (Newport, Wales) (ST 3987);  Blackwood (Caerphilly, Wales) town (ST 1797);  Blaenavon (Wales) town (SO 2509);  Blaina (Wales) village (SO 1908);  Bryn-Mawr (Blaenau Gwent, Wales) parish (SO 1811);  Caerleon (Wales) town (ST 3390);  Caerwent (Wales) parish (ST 4590);  Caldicot (Wales) parish (ST 4788);  Celynnen (Wales) village (ST 2195);  Chepstow (Wales) town (ST 5393);  Christchurch (Wales) parish (ST 3489);  Coalbrookvale (Wales) village (SO 1909);  Court Farm (Dingestow, Monmouthshire, Wales) farm (SO 4510);  Croesyceiliog (Torfaen, Wales) village (ST 3096);  Crucorney (Wales) civil parish (SO 3220);  Crumlin (Wales) village (ST 2198);  Cwm (Blaenau Gwent, Wales) parish (SO 1805);  Cwmbrân (Wales) urban district and town (ST 2995);  Cwmtillery (Wales) village (SO 2105);  Cwmyoy (Wales) ecclesiastical parish (SO 2923);  Dingestow (Wales) parish (SO 4510);  Dyffryn Farm (Llanellen, Wales) farm (SO 3011);  Ebbw Vale (Wales) town (SO 1609);  Fleur-de-lis (Wales) parish (ST 1596);  Garndiffaith (Wales) village (SO 2605);  Gilwern (Monmouthshire, Wales) village (SO 2414);  Goetre (Monmouthshire, Wales) parish (SO 3205);  Goldcliff (Wales) parish (ST 3683);  Grosmont (Wales) (SO 4024);  Gwernesney (Wales) village (SO 4101);  Henllys (Torfaen, Wales) parish (ST 2693);  Islwyn (Wales) district (ST 2490);  Langstone (Wales) parish (ST 3790);  Llanarth (Monmouthshire, Wales) parish (SO 3710);  Llanbadoc (Wales) parish (SO 3700);  Llanddewi Fach (Wales) village (ST 3395);  Llanddewi Skirrid (Wales) parish (SO 3416);  Llandevaud (Wales) parish (ST 4090 );  Llanellen (Wales) parish (SO 3010);  Llanfihangel Llantarnam (Wales) parish (ST 3093);  Llanfihangel Tor y Mynydd (Wales) parish (SO 4502);  Llanfoist (Wales) parish (SO 2813);  Llanfrechfa (Wales) parish (ST 3193);  Llanfrechfa Lower (Wales) (ST 312930);  Llanfrechfa Upper (Wales) parish (ST 3193);  Llangattock Lingoed (Wales) parish (SO 3620 );  Llangattock-Vibon-Avel (Wales) parish (SO 4515);  Llangeview (Wales) village (SO 3900);  Llangofan (Wales) ecclesiastical parish (SO 4505);  Llangybi (Monmouthshire, Wales) parish (ST 3796);  Llanhilleth (Wales) parish (SO 2100);  Llanishen (Monmouthshire, Wales) ecclesiastical parish (SO 4703);  Llanllowell (Wales) ecclesiastical parish (ST 3998);  Llanover (Wales) parish (SO 3108);  Llansoy (Wales) parish (SO 4402);  Llantarnam (Wales) village (ST 3093);  Llanthony (Wales) village (SO 2827);  Llantilio Crossenny (Wales) parish (SO 3914);  Llantilio Pertholey (Wales) parish (SO 3116);  Llantrisant (Monmouthshire, Wales) parish (ST 3996);  Llanvetherine (Wales) parish (SO 3617);  Llanvihangel Crucorney (Wales) parish (SO 3220);  Llanwenarth (Wales) parish (SO 2714);  Llanwern (Wales) parish (ST 3688);  Machen (Wales) parish (ST 2189);  Malpas (Wales) parish (ST 3090);  Mamhilad (Wales) parish (SO 3003);  Mathern (Wales) parish (ST 5291);  Monmouth (Wales) town (SO 5012);  Mounton (Wales) parish (ST 5193);  Mynydd-bach (Monmouthshire, Wales) village (ST 4894);  Mynyddislwyn (Wales) parish (ST 1994);  Nantyglo (Wales) town (SO 1910);  Nash (Newport, Wales) parish (ST 3483);  New Inn (Monmouthshire, Wales) village (ST 3099);  Newport (Wales : parish) parish (ST 3188);  Panteg (Torfaen, Wales) parish (ST 3199);  Penhow (Newport, Wales) parish (ST 4290);  Penmaen (Caerphilly, Wales) village (ST 1897);  Penrhos (Monmouthshire, Wales) (SO 4111);  Peterstone Wentllooge (Wales) village (ST 2680);  Ponthir (Wales) village (ST 3292);  Pontnewydd (Wales) village (ST 2996);  Pontnewynydd (Wales) village (SO 2701);  Pontypool (Wales) parish (SO 2800);  Portskewett (Wales) parish (ST 4988);  Rassau (Wales) parish (SO 1512);  Rhymney (Wales) parish (SO 1107);  Rhymney Valley (Wales : district) district (SO 1107);  Risca (Wales) town (ST 2490);  Rogerstone (Wales) parish (ST 2788);  Saltmarsh Farm (Goldcliff, Wales) farm (ST 3582);  Shirenewton (Wales) parish (ST 4793);  Sirhowy (Wales) village (SO 1410);  Six Bells (Blaenau Gwent, Wales) village (SO 2203);  Skenfrith (Wales) parish (SO 4520);  St Brides Netherwent (Wales) village (ST 4389);  St Brides Wentlooge (Wales) parish (ST 2982);  St Maughans (Wales) parish (SO 4617);  St Pierre (Wales) village (ST 5190);  Sudbrook (Wales) parish (ST 5087);  Tredegar (Wales) town (SO 1409);  Trefil (Wales) village (SO 1212);  Trellech (Monmouthshire, Wales) parish (SO 4901);  Treowen (Wales) village (ST 2097 );  Trevethin (Wales) parish (SO 2702);  Trosnant (Torfaen, Wales) ward (SO 2800);  Usk (Wales) town (SO 3700 );  Varteg (Torfaen, Wales) village (SO 2606);  Waun-Lwyd (Wales) village (SO 1706);  Wonastow (Wales) parish (SO 4810)

RT Blaenau Gwent (Wales) unitary authority (SO 1609)
RT Caerphilly (Wales) county borough (ST 1586)
RT Monmouthshire (Wales) county (ST 4596)
RT Newport (Wales) unitary authority (ST 3188)
RT Torfaen (Wales) unitary authority (SO 2800)

Gwernaffield-y-Waun (Wales) parish (SJ 2064) | Flintshire | Wales

[Also Gwernaffield-y-Waun (Wales) parish (SJ 2064) | Clwyd | Wales]

UF Gwernafield (Wales)
RT Mold (Wales) parish (SJ 2363)

Gwernafield (Wales) USE Gwernaffield-y-Waun (Wales) parish (SJ 2064)

Gwernesney (Wales) village (SO 4101) | Gwent | Wales

[Also Gwernesney (Wales) village (SO 4101) | Monmouthshire | Wales]

UF Gwernesni (Wales : village)
RT Llantrisant (Monmouthshire, Wales) parish (ST 3996)

Gwernesni (Wales : village) USE Gwernesney (Wales) village (SO 4101)

Gwernoge (Wales: village) USE Gwernogle (Wales) village (SN 5334)

Gwernogle (Wales) village (SN 5334) | Carmarthenshire | Wales

[Also Gwernogle (Wales) village (SN 5334) | Dyfed | Wales]

UF Gwernoge (Wales: village)
RT Clynmardy (Wales) farm (SN 5334)
RT Llanfihangel Rhos-y-corn (Wales) parish (SN 5035)

Gwersyllt (Wales) parish (SJ 3253) | Denbighshire | Wales

[Also Gwersyllt (Wales) parish (SJ 3253) | Clwyd | Wales]

[Also Gwersyllt (Wales) parish (SJ 3253) | Wrexham | Wales]

RT Gresford (Wales) parish (SJ 3554)

Gwlad-yr-haf (England) USE Somerset (England) county (ST 2324)

Gwnnws Isaf and Gwnnws Uchaf (Wales) parish (SN 6869) | Cardiganshire | Wales

[Also Gwnnws Isaf and Gwnnws Uchaf (Wales) parish (SN 6869) | Ceredigion | Wales]

[Also Gwnnws Isaf and Gwnnws Uchaf (Wales) parish (SN 6869) | Dyfed | Wales]

UF Llanwnnws (Wales), Gwnnws Upper (Wales)
RT Pontrhydfendigaid (Wales) village (SN 7366)
RT Ystradmeurig (Wales) village (SN 7067)

Gwnnws Upper (Wales) USE Gwnnws Isaf and Gwnnws Uchaf (Wales) parish (SN 6869)

Gwyddelwern (Wales) parish (SJ 0746) | Merioneth | Wales

[Also Gwyddelwern (Wales) parish (SJ 0746) | Powys | Wales]

RT Edeyrnion (Wales) district (SJ 0743)

Gwyddgrug (Wales) village (SN 4635 ) | Carmarthenshire | Wales

[Also Gwyddgrug (Wales) village (SN 4635 ) | Dyfed | Wales]

RT Llanfihangel-ar-arth (Wales) parish (SN 4539 )

Gwynedd (Wales) county (SH 5771) | Wales

NT Aberdaron (Wales) parish (SH 1726);  Aberdyfi (Wales) town (SN 6196);  Abererch (Wales) parish (SH 3936);  Aberffraw (Wales) town (SH 3568);  Abergwyngregyn (Wales) parish (SH 6572);  Abergynolwyn (Wales) village (SH 6706);  Aberkin (Wales) farm (SH 4738);  Aberllefenni (Wales) place (SH 7709);  Abersoch (Wales) village (SH 3128);  Albion Inn (Wales) hotel (SH 4862);  Amlwch (Wales) parish (SH 4493);  Amlwch Port (Wales) settlement (SH 4694);  Argoed (Gwynedd, Wales) farm (SH 5828);  Arthog (Wales) village (SH 6414);  Bach Wen (Wales) farm (SH 4149);  Bala (Wales) parish (SH 9236);  Bala Lake (Wales) lake (SH 9033);  Bangor (Wales) borough (SH 5771);  Bardsey Island (Wales) island (SH 1221);  Barmouth (Wales) town (SH 6115);  Beaumaris (Wales) borough (SH 6076);  Beaumaris Castle (Wales) castle (SH 6076);  Beddgelert (Wales) parish (SH 5948);  Benllech (Wales) settlement (SH 5282);  Bethel (Felinheli, Gwynedd, Wales) village (SH 5265);  Bethesda (Gwynedd, Wales) town (SH 6266);  Betws-y-coed (Wales) town (SH 7956);  Blaenau Ffestiniog (Wales) town (SH 7045);  Bodedern (Wales) parish (SH 4077);  Bodewryd (Wales) parish (SH 3990);  Bodferin (Wales) hamlet (SH 1731);  Bodffordd (Wales) place (SH 4276);  Bodilan (Wales) house (SH 6508);  Bodorgan (Wales) house (SH 3867);  Boduan (Wales) village (SH 3237);  Bodwrog (Wales) parish (SH 4077);  Bontddu (Wales) village (SH 6718);  Bontnewydd (Gwynedd, Wales) village (SH 4859);  Borth-y-Gest (Wales) village (SH 5637);  Botwnnog (Wales) parish (SH 2631);  Breakwater Quarry (Wales) place (SH 2283);  Brithdir (Gwynedd, Wales) (SO 1097 );  Brithdir and Islaw’r-dref (Wales) parish (SH 7718);  Bryn Pydew (Wales) town (SH 8079 );  Bryngoleu (Gwynedd, Wales) farm (SH 3837);  Brynsiencyn (Wales) settlement (SH 4867);  Buan (Wales) parish (SH 3036);  Bwlchtocyn (Wales) village (SH 3026);  Cadair Idris (Wales) mountain (SH 7113);  Cae Nest (Wales) farm (SO 4510);  Caeathro (Wales) village (SH 3593);  Caergeiliog (Anglesey, Wales) place (SH 3078);  Caerhun (Wales) parish (SH 7777);  Caernarfon (Wales) town (SH 4862);  Callestra (Dolgellau, Wales : Farm) farm ;  Capel Celyn (Wales) parish (SN 8540);  Capel Curig (Wales) town (SH 7258 );  Capel Gwyn (Wales) settlement (SH 3574);  Carmel (Gwynedd, Wales) village (SH 4954);  Castell (Gwynedd, Wales) quarry (SH 6350);  Castle Hotel (Pwllheli, Wales) hotel (SH 3735);  Castle Inn (Pwllheli, Wales) hotel (SH 3735);  Cefnamwlch (Wales) house (SH 2336);  Cemaes (Anglesey, Wales) settlement (SH 3794);  Cemaes Bay (Wales) area (SH 3795);  Chwaen-wen (Wales) township (SH 3682);  Chwilog (Wales) village (SH 4338);  Cilgwyn (Gwynedd, Wales) area (SH 4954);  Clogwynau (Wales) common (SH 7217);  Clynnog-fawr (Wales) parish (SH 4149);  Coedana (Wales) parish (SH 4382);  Corris (Wales) village (SH 7507);  Criccieth (Wales) town (SH 5038);  Croesor (Wales) village (SH 6344);  Cwm Penmachno (Wales) town (SH 7547);  Cymer (Gwynedd, Wales) place (SH 7219);  Cymryd (Wales) village (SH 7975);  Cynwyd (Wales) village (SJ 0541);  Deganwy (Wales) town (SH 7779);  Deiniolen (Wales) village (SH 5763);  Denio (Wales) parish (SH 3735);  Dinas Dinorwig (Wales) antiquity (SH 5465);  Dinas Mawddwy (Wales) village (SH 8514);  Dinmor Park (Wales) place (SH 6381);  Dinorwig (Wales) village (SH 5961);  Dol-y-cae (Wales) farm (SH 7211);  Dolbenmaen (Wales) civil parish (SH 5043);  Dolgarrog (Wales) town (SH 7767 );  Dolgellau (Wales) town (SH 7217);  Dolwyddelan (Wales) parish (SH 7352 );  Dwygyfylchi (Wales) parish (SH 7377);  Ebeneser (Wales) village (SH 5466);  Edern (Wales) village (SH 2739);  Fairbourne (Wales) town (SH 6113);  Felinheli (Wales) village (SH 5267);  Ffestiniog (Wales) parish (SH 7041);  Fronwnion (Wales) house (SH 7119);  Gaerwen (Wales) settlement (SH 4972);  Ganllwyd (Wales) village (SH 7224);  Glanrhyd (Buan, Wales) village (SH 2835);  Glanyrafon (Anglesey, Wales) village (SH 5069);  Glynllifon (Wales) house (SH 4555);  Gogarth (Gwynedd, Wales) house (SN 6798);  Graianog (Wales) house (SH 4549);  Greuor (Wales) farm (SH 5265);  Groeslon (Wales) village (SH 4755);  Gwalchmai (Wales) settlement (SH 3876);  Gyffin (Wales) parish (SH 7776);  Harlech (Wales) town (SH 5831);  Hendre (Aberdaron, Gwynedd, Wales) house (SH 1827);  Henryd (Conwy, Wales) parish (SH 7774 );  Holyhead (Wales) town (SH 2482);  Kingsbridge (Wales) army camp (SH 6077);  Lastra (Wales) hamlet (SH 4291);  Llainfeirig (Wales) place (SH 3876);  Llaingoch (Wales) settlement (SH 2483);  Llanaber (Wales) parish (SH 6017);  Llanaelhaearn (Wales) parish (SH 3844);  Llanallgo (Wales) parish (SH 4985);  Llanarmon (Gwynedd, Wales) village (SH 4239);  Llanbabo (Wales) parish (SH 3786);  Llanbadrig (Wales) parish (SH 3893);  Llanbeblig (Wales) parish (SH 4862);  Llanbedr (Gwynedd, Wales) parish (SH 5826);  Llanbedr-y-cennin (Wales) parish (SH 7669);  Llanbedrgoch (Wales) village (SH 5080);  Llanberis (Wales) parish (SH 5760);  Llandanwg (Wales) parish (SH 5628);  Llanddaniel Fab (Wales) village (SH 4970);  Llanddeiniolen (Wales) parish (SH 5466);  Llandderfel (Wales) parish (SH 9837);  Llanddeusant (Anglesey, Wales) parish (SH 3586);  Llanddona (Wales) parish (SH 5880);  Llanddwywe (Wales) parish (SH 5822);  Llanddyfnan (Wales) parish (SH 5078);  Llandecwyn (Wales) parish (SH 6337);  Llandegai (Wales) parish (SH 5970);  Llandegfan (Wales) parish (SH 5673);  Llandinorwig (Wales) parish (SH 5961);  Llandrygarn (Wales) parish (SH 3779);  Llandudno (Wales) parish (SH 7881);  Llandwrog (Wales) parish (SH 4556);  Llandyfrydog (Wales) parish (SH 4485);  Llandysilio (Anglesey, Wales) parish (SH 5473);  Llanedwen (Wales) parish (SH 5168);  Llanegryn (Wales) parish (SH 6005);  Llaneilian (Wales) parish (SH 4692);  Llanelltyd (Wales) parish (SH 7119);  Llanenddwyn (Wales) parish (SH 5723 );  Llanengan (Wales) parish (SH 2926);  Llanerchymedd (Wales) parish (SH 4284);  Llaneugrad (Wales) parish (SH 4882);  Llanfachreth (Wales) parish (SH 7522);  Llanfaelog (Wales) parish (SH 3372);  Llanfaelrhys (Wales) ecclesiastical parish (SH 2126);  Llanfaethlu (Wales) parish (SH 3186);  Llanfair (Gwynedd, Wales) parish (SH 5729);  Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf (Wales) parish (SH 5080);  Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll (Wales) parish (SH 5371);  Llanfair-is-gaer (Wales) parish (SH 5961);  Llanfair-yng-Nghornwy (Wales) parish (SH 3290);  Llanfairfechan (Wales) parish (SH 6874);  Llanfechell (Wales) parish (SH 3691);  Llanfflewyn (Wales) place (SH 3489);  Llanfihangel Dinsylwy (Wales) parish (SH 5882);  Llanfihangel Tre’r-beirdd (Wales) parish (SH 4583);  Llanfihangel Ysceifiog (Wales) parish (SH 4873);  Llanfihangel-y-pennant (Wales) parish (SH 6708);  Llanfihangel-y-traethau (Wales) parish (SH 5935);  Llanfor (Wales) parish (SH 9336);  Llanfrothen (Wales) parish (SH 6242);  Llanfwrog (Anglesey, Wales) village (SH 3084);  Llangadwaladr (Anglesey, Wales) parish (SH 3869);  Llangaffo (Wales) parish (SH 4468);  Llangar (Wales) parish (SJ 0642);  Llangefni (Wales) town (SH 4675);  Llangeinwen (Wales) parish (SH 4565);  Llangelynnin (Gwynedd, Wales) parish (SH 5707);  Llangoed (Wales) parish (SH 6079);  Llangower (Wales) parish (SH 9032);  Llangristiolus (Wales) parish (SH 4373);  Llangwm (Conwy, Wales) parish (SH 9644);  Llangwnnadl (Wales) parish (SH 2032);  Llangwstenin (Wales) parish (SH 8279 );  Llangwyllog (Wales) parish (SH 4379);  Llangybi (Gwynedd, Wales) village (SH 4271);  Llangïan (Wales) parish (SH 2928 );  Llanidan (Wales) parish (SH 4966);  Llaniestyn (Wales) parish (SH 2633);  Llanllechid (Wales) parish (SH 6268);  Llanllibio (Wales) area (SH 3381);  Llanllyfni (Wales) parish (SH 4751);  Llannor (Wales) parish (SH 3537);  Llanrhos (Wales) parish (SH 7980);  Llanrhwydrys (Wales) village (SH 3293);  Llanrhychwyn (Wales) parish (SH 7761 );  Llanrhyddlad (Wales) parish (SH 3389);  Llanrug (Wales) parish (SH 5363);  Llansadwrn (Anglesey, Wales) parish (SH 5575);  Llantrisant (Anglesey, Wales) parish (SH 3683);  Llanuwchllyn (Wales) parish (SH 8730);  Llanwnda (Gwynedd, Wales) parish (SH 4758);  Llanycil (Wales) parish (SH 9134);  Llanymawddwy (Wales) parish (SH 9019);  Llanystumdwy (Wales) parish (SH 4738);  Llechcynfarwy (Wales) parish (SH 3881);  Llechylched (Wales) parish (SH 3476);  Llenyrch (Wales) farm (SH 6638);  Llidiardau (Gwynedd, Wales) area (SH 8738);  Llithfaen (Wales) village (SH 3543);  Llwyn Coed (Wales) farm (SH 4751);  Llwyngwril (Wales) village (SH 5909);  Llwynwccws Farm (Wales) farm (SH 5919);  Llyn Alaw (Wales) lake (SH 3987);  Maenan (Wales) parish (SH 7966 );  Maentwrog (Wales) parish (SH 6640);  Malltraeth Marsh (Wales) area (SH 4571);  Mallwyd (Wales) parish (SH 8612);  Marchlyn (Wales) house (SH 7200);  Menai Bridge (Wales) town (SH 5572);  Menai Strait (Wales) natural feature (SH 5370);  Minffordd (Bangor, Wales) village (SH 5770);  Minffordd (Penrhyndeudraeth, Wales) village (SH 5938);  Moelfre (Anglesey, Wales) place (SH 5186);  Mona Lodge (Amlwch, Wales) house (SH 4493);  Morfa Mawr (Gwynedd, Wales) area (SH 3735);  Muriau (Wales) settlement (SH 4837);  Mynydd Bodafon (Wales) settlement (SH 4785);  Mynydd y Cilgwyn (Wales) area (SH 4954);  Mynytho (Wales) village (SH 3030);  Nant Peris (Wales) village (SH 6058);  Nantlle (Wales) village (SH 5053 );  Nantmor (Wales) village (SH 6046);  Niwbwrch (Wales) parish (SH 4366);  Ogwen (Wales) rural district (SH 6268);  Parys Mountain (Wales) hill (SH 4490);  Penhesgyn (Anglesey, Wales) hamlet (SH 5173);  Penmachno (Wales) parish (SH 7950 );  Penmon (Wales) village (SH 6380);  Penmorfa (Gwynedd, Wales) ecclesiastical parish (SH 5440);  Penmynydd (Wales) parish (SH 5074);  Pennal (Wales) parish (SH 7000);  Penrhosllugwy (Wales) parish (SH 4786);  Penrhyn Castle (Gwynedd, Wales) house (SH 6071);  Penrhyndeudraeth (Wales) parish (SH 6139);  Pentir (Wales) parish (SH 5766 );  Pentraeth (Wales) parish (SH 5278);  Penyberth (Wales) house (SH 3434);  Penygroes (Gwynedd, Wales) village (SH 4653);  Pistyll (Gwynedd, Wales) parish (SH 3242);  Plas Bodafon (Wales) house (SH 4785);  Plâs Brondanw (Wales) house (SH 6142);  Point Lynas (Wales) place (SH 4793);  Pont Britannia (Wales) bridge (SH 5471);  Porth Dinllaen (Wales) harbour (SH 2841);  Porth Wen (Anglesey, Wales) place (SH 3894);  Porthmadog (Wales) town (SH 5638);  Portmeirion (Wales) village (SH 5837);  Prenteg (Wales) village (SH 5841);  Pwllheli (Wales) borough (SH 3735);  Red Wharf Bay (Wales) place (SH 5381);  Rhosgadfan (Wales) village (SH 5057);  Rhostryfan (Wales) village (SH 4957);  Rhosybol (Wales) parish (SH 4288);  Rhydymain (Wales) parish (SH 8022);  River Dovey (Gwynedd, Wales) river (SH 7300);  Rowen (Caerhun, Wales) village (SH 7571 );  Sarnau (Gwynedd, Wales) village (SH 9739);  Snowdon (Wales) mountain (SH 6054);  Snowdonia (Wales) area (SH 6054);  Tal-y-bont (Conwy, Wales) village (SH 7668 );  Tal-y-llyn (Wales) parish (SH 7109);  Talsarnau (Wales) parish (SH 6135);  Talwrn (Anglesey, Wales) village (SH 4977);  Talysarn (Wales) village (SH 4853);  Tan-y-bwlch (Gwynedd, Wales) village (SH 6540);  Tanygrisiau (Wales) village (SH 6845);  Trawsfynydd (Wales) parish (SH 7035);  Trefdraeth (Anglesey, Wales) parish (SH 4171);  Trefor (Gwynedd, Wales) village (SH 3746);  Trefriw (Wales) parish (SH 7863 );  Tregaian (Wales) parish (SH 4579);  Tremadog (Wales) village (SH 5640);  Trewalchmai (Wales) parish (SH 3975);  Tryweryn (Wales) village (SH 8839);  Tudweiliog (Wales) parish (SH 2336);  Ty Cerrig (Llanfihangel-y-traethau, Wales) farm (SH 5834);  Ty'n-y-Coed (Clynnog-Fawr, Wales) farm (SH 4250);  Tyddyn-y-berth (Wales) farm (SH 5365);  Tynyffordd (Gwynedd, Wales) farm (SH 3535);  Tynygongl (Wales) village (SH 5182);  Tywyn (Gwynedd, Wales) parish (SH 5800);  Valley (Wales) village (SH 3080);  Waunfawr (Gwynedd, Wales) parish (SH 5359);  Wern (Llanfrothen, Wales) house (SH 6242);  Wern (Tremadog, Wales) farm (SN 5640);  Ynyscynhaearn (Wales) parish (SH 5538);  Ynysfor (Wales) house (SH 6042);  Ystum-gwadnaeth (Wales) farm (SH 7721);  Ystumanner (Wales) commote (SN 6400)

RT Anglesey (Wales : unitary authority) unitary authority (SH 4675)
RT Anglesey (Wales) county (SH 4675)
RT Caernarvonshire (Wales) county (SH 4862)
RT Conwy (Wales) county borough (SH 7777)
RT Merioneth (Wales) county (SH 7217)

Gwyrddymp (Wales) USE Worthenbury (Wales) parish (SJ 4246)

Gwytherin (Wales) parish (SH 8761) | Denbighshire | Wales

[Also Gwytherin (Wales) parish (SH 8761) | Clwyd | Wales]

[Also Gwytherin (Wales) parish (SH 8761) | Conwy | Wales]

RT Hiraethog (Wales) rural district (SH 8752)

Gyffin (Wales) parish (SH 7776) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Gyffin (Wales) parish (SH 7776) | Gwynedd | Wales]

UF Gyffin, Y (Wales), Y Gyffin (Wales)
RT Cymryd (Wales) village (SH 7975)

Gyffin, Y (Wales) USE Gyffin (Wales) parish (SH 7776)

Gyffylliog (Wales) USE Cyffylliog (Wales) parish (SJ 0557)

Gyllesttre (Wales) USE Callestra (Dolgellau, Wales : Farm) farm

Gŵyr (Wales) USE Gower (Wales) area (SS 5290)

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