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Dafen (Wales) village (SN 5201) | Carmarthenshire | Wales

[Also Dafen (Wales) village (SN 5201) | Dyfed | Wales]

RT Llanelli (Wales) town (SN 5000)

Dale (Wales) parish (SM 8005) | Pembrokeshire | Wales

[Also Dale (Wales) parish (SM 8005) | Dyfed | Wales]

Darowen (Wales) parish (SH 8301) | Montgomeryshire | Wales

[Also Darowen (Wales) parish (SH 8301) | Powys | Wales]

RT Llanbrynmair (Wales) parish (SH 8902)
RT Machynlleth (Wales : district) rural district (SH 7400)

De Morgannwg (Wales) USE South Glamorgan (Wales) county (ST 1876)

Dean, Forest of (England : Forest) area (SO 6211) | Gloucestershire | England

UF Forest of Dean (England : Forest)

Dee, River (Wales and England) river (SJ 1683) | Wales

UF River Dee (Wales and England) , Afon Dyfrdwy (Wales and England)

Defynnog (Wales) village (SN 9227) | Breconshire | Wales

[Also Defynnog (Wales) village (SN 9227) | Powys | Wales]

UF Devynock (Wales : village)

Degannwy (Wales) USE Deganwy (Wales) town (SH 7779)

Deganwy (Wales) town (SH 7779) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Deganwy (Wales) town (SH 7779) | Conwy | Wales]

[Also Deganwy (Wales) town (SH 7779) | Gwynedd | Wales]

UF Degannwy (Wales)
RT Llanrhos (Wales) parish (SH 7980)

Deiniolen (Wales) village (SH 5763) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Deiniolen (Wales) village (SH 5763) | Gwynedd | Wales]

RT Ebeneser (Wales) village (SH 5466)
RT Llanddeiniolen (Wales) parish (SH 5466)

Denbigh (Wales : county) USE Denbighshire (Wales) county (SJ 0566)

Denbigh (Wales) borough (SJ 0566) | Denbighshire | Wales

[Also Denbigh (Wales) borough (SJ 0566) | Denbighshire | Wales]

[Also Denbigh (Wales) borough (SJ 0566) | Clwyd | Wales]

[Also Denbigh (Wales) borough (SJ 0566) | Denbighshire | Wales]

UF Dinbych (Wales)
RT Segrwyd (Denbighshire, Wales) farm (SJ 0464)

Denbighshire (Wales) county (SJ 0566) | Wales

UF Denbigh (Wales : county), Dinbych (Wales : county), Sir Ddinbych (Wales)

NT Aberchwiler (Wales) parish (SJ 0969);  Abergele (Wales) town (SH 9477);  Abergele Rural (Wales) civil parish (SH 9477);  Abergele and Pensarn (Wales) urban district (SH 9477);  Acrefair (Wales) place (SJ 2743);  Aled (Wales) rural district (SH 9270);  Bersham (Wales) parish (SJ 3049);  Betws-yn-Rhos (Wales) parish (SH 8974);  Bodelwyddan (Wales) parish (SJ 0075);  Brymbo (Wrexham, Wales) parish (SJ 2953);  Bryn-y-Pys (Wales) house (SJ 3742);  Bryn-y-maen (Wales) town (SH 8376 );  Burton (Wrexham, Wales) parish (SJ 3557);  Bwlchgwyn (Wales) parish (SJ 2653);  Bylchau (Wales) parish (SH 9762);  Capel Garmon (Wales) town (SH 8155 );  Cefn-mawr (Wales) parish (SJ 2842);  Ceiriog (Wales) rural district (SJ 1538);  Cerrigydrudion (Wales) parish (SH 9548);  Chirk (Wales) parish (SJ 2937);  Colwyn (Conwy, Wales : town) town (SH 8678);  Colwyn Bay (Wales : borough) borough (SH 8678);  Colwyn Bay (Wales) town (SH 8678);  Corwen (Wales) town (SJ 0743);  Cwm (Denbighshire, Wales) parish (SJ 0677);  Cyffylliog (Wales) parish (SJ 0557);  Denbigh (Wales) borough (SJ 0566);  Derwen (Wales) parish (SJ 0650);  Dyserth (Wales) parish (SJ 0579);  Efenechtyd (Wales) parish (SJ 1155);  Eglwysbach (Wales) parish (SH 8070);  Erbistock (Wales) parish (SJ 3541);  Esclusham Above (Wales) parish (SJ 3148);  Esclusham Below (Wales) parish (SJ 3148);  Glyn Ceiriog (Wales) parish (SJ 2038);  Glyndyfrdwy (Wales) parish (SJ 1442);  Gresford (Wales) parish (SJ 3554);  Gwersyllt (Wales) parish (SJ 3253);  Gwytherin (Wales) parish (SH 8761);  Henllan (Denbighshire, Wales) parish (SJ 0268);  Hiraethog (Wales) rural district (SH 8752);  Holt (Wales) parish (SJ 4053);  Kinmel Bay (Wales) village (SH 9880);  Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog (Wales) parish (SJ 1532);  Llanarmon-yn-Ial (Wales) parish (SJ 1956);  Llanbedr-Dyffryn-Clwyd (Wales) parish (SJ 1459);  Llanddoged (Wales) parish (SH 8063 );  Llanddulas (Wales) parish (SH 9078);  Llandegla (Wales) parish (SJ 1952);  Llandrillo (Wales) parish (SJ 0337);  Llandrillo-yn-Rhôs (Wales) parish (SH 8380);  Llandyrnog (Wales) parish (SJ 1065);  Llanelian-yn-Rhôs (Wales) parish (SH 8676);  Llanelidan (Wales) parish (SJ 1050);  Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd (Wales) parish (SJ 1355);  Llanfair Talhaiarn (Wales) parish (SH 9270);  Llanferres (Wales) parish (SJ 1860);  Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr (Wales) parish (SH 9949);  Llanfwrog (Denbighshire, Wales) parish (SJ 1157);  Llangadwaladr (Wrexham, Wales) parish (SJ 1635);  Llangernyw (Wales) parish (SH 8767);  Llangollen (Wales) parish (SJ 2141);  Llangwm (Conwy, Wales) parish (SH 9644);  Llangwyfan (Wales) village (SJ 1166);  Llangynhafal (Wales) parish (SJ 1263);  Llanhychan (Wales) parish (SJ 1162);  Llannefydd (Wales) parish (SH 9870);  Llanrhaeadr (Wales) parish (SJ 0863);  Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant (Wales : parish) parish (SJ 1226);  Llanrwst (Wales) town (SH 8061);  Llansanffraid Glan Conwy (Wales) parish (SH 8352);  Llansannan (Wales) parish (SH 9365);  Llansilin (Wales) parish (SJ 2028);  Llantysilio (Denbighshire, Wales) parish (SJ 1943);  Llanynys (Denbighshire, Wales) parish (SJ 1062);  Llay (Wales) parish (SJ 3355);  Llysfaen (Conwy, Wales) parish (SH 8877);  Marchwiel (Wales) parish (SJ 3547);  Minera (Wales) parish (SJ 2751);  Mochdre (Conwy, Wales) village (SH 8278);  Nantglyn (Wales) parish (SJ 0062);  New Broughton (Wales) parish (SJ 3151);  Penporchell (Wales) village ;  Pentrefoelas (Wales) parish (SH 8751);  Penycae (Wrexham, Wales) parish (SJ 2745);  Plas Heaton Farm (Wales) farm (SJ 0469);  Plas-yn-Cefn (Wales) house (SJ 0171);  Plâs-yn-Rhôs (Wales) house (SJ 1262);  Pontfadog (Wales) parish (SJ 2338);  Rhosllanerchrugog (Wales) parish (SJ 2946);  Rhuddlan (Wales) parish (SJ 0278);  Rhydonnen (Wales) township (SJ 1163);  Rhyl (Wales) parish (SJ 0181);  Rossett (Wales) parish (SJ 3657);  Ruabon (Wales) parish (SJ 3043);  Ruthin (Denbighshire, Wales) parish (SJ 1258);  Segrwyd (Denbighshire, Wales) farm (SJ 0464);  St Asaph (Denbigh) (Wales : rural district) rural district (SH 9568);  St Asaph (Wales) parish (SJ 0374 );  Tir Ifan (Wales) parish (SH 8446);  Trefnant (Denbighshire, Wales) parish (SJ 0570);  Tremeirchion (Wales) parish (SJ 0873);  Trevalyn (Wales) parish (SJ 3856);  Uwchaled (Wales) rural district (SH 9548);  Voelas (Conwy, Wales) house (SH 8551);  Wrexham (Wales : Poor Law Union) Poor Law Union (SJ 2847);  Wrexham (Wales: rural district) rural district (SJ 2847);  Wrexham Regis (Wales) civil parish (SJ 3350);  Ysbyty Ifan (Wales) village (SH 8448)

RT Clwyd (Wales) county (SJ 2363)
RT Conwy (Wales) county borough (SH 7777)
RT Wrexham (Wales) county borough (SJ 3350)

Deneio (Wales) USE Denio (Wales) parish (SH 3735)

Denio (Wales) parish (SH 3735) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Denio (Wales) parish (SH 3735) | Gwynedd | Wales]

UF Deneio (Wales)
RT Morfa Mawr (Gwynedd, Wales) area (SH 3735)
RT Pwllheli (Wales) borough (SH 3735)

Denmark nation (55.00N, 12.00E )

NT Copenhagen (Denmark) city (55.00N, 12.00E)

Derby (England) city (SK 3535) | Derbyshire | England

Derbyshire (England) county (SK 3636) | England

NT Buxton (Derbyshire, England) town (SK 0673);  Derby (England) city (SK 3535)

Deri (Caerphilly, Wales) village (SO 1201) | Caerphilly | Wales

[Also Deri (Caerphilly, Wales) village (SO 1201) | Glamorgan | Wales]

Derwen (Wales) parish (SJ 0650) | Denbighshire | Wales

[Also Derwen (Wales) parish (SJ 0650) | Clwyd | Wales]

Detroit (Michigan) city (42.3N, -83.0E) | Michigan | United States

Deuddwr Manor (Wales) manor (SJ 2417) | Montgomeryshire | Wales

[Also Deuddwr Manor (Wales) manor (SJ 2417) | Powys | Wales]

UF Deythur Manor (Wales)
RT Llandrinio (Wales) parish (SJ 2817)
RT Llandysilio (Powys, Wales) parish (SJ 2619)
RT Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain (Wales) parish (SJ 2120)
RT Meifod (Wales) parish (SJ 1513)

Deutschland USE Germany nation (51.00N, 10.00E)

Devauden (Wales) (ST 4898)

Devil’s Bridge (Wales) village (SN 7376) | Cardiganshire | Wales

[Also Devil’s Bridge (Wales) village (SN 7376) | Ceredigion | Wales]

[Also Devil’s Bridge (Wales) village (SN 7376) | Dyfed | Wales]

UF Pontarfynach (Wales)
RT Llanfihangel-y-Creuddyn (Wales) parish (SN 6676 )

Devon (England) county (SX 9292) | England

UF Dyfnaint (England)

NT Barnstaple (England) (SS 5633);  Buckland Monachorum (England) parish (SX 4868);  Colyton (England) (SY 2493);  Holcombe Rogus (England) parish (ST 0518);  Lifton (England) parish (SX 3885);  Marnhull (England) village (ST 7718);  Offwell (England) parish (SY 1999);  Plymouth (England) city (SX 4756);  Tiverton (Devon, England) town (SS 9512);  Uplyme (England) parish (SJ 3293)

Devynnock (Wales : Hundred)

Devynock (Wales : village) USE Defynnog (Wales) village (SN 9227)

Deyrnas Unedig, Y USE Great Britain nation (TQ 3181 )

Deythur Manor (Wales) USE Deuddwr Manor (Wales) manor (SJ 2417)

Diffwys Casson (Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales) USE Diffwys slate quarry (Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales) quarry (SH 7146)

Diffwys slate quarry (Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales) quarry (SH 7146)

UF Diffwys Casson (Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales) , Diphwys (Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales)

Dihewid (Wales) USE Dihewyd (Wales) parish (SN 4855 )

Dihewyd (Wales) parish (SN 4855 ) | Cardiganshire | Wales

[Also Dihewyd (Wales) parish (SN 4855 ) | Ceredigion | Wales]

[Also Dihewyd (Wales) parish (SN 4855 ) | Dyfed | Wales]

UF Dihewid (Wales)

Dinas (Pembrokeshire, Wales) parish (SN 0139)

Dinas Dinorwig (Wales) antiquity (SH 5465) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Dinas Dinorwig (Wales) antiquity (SH 5465) | Gwynedd | Wales]

RT Llanddeiniolen (Wales) parish (SH 5466)

Dinas Mawddwy (Wales) village (SH 8514) | Merioneth | Wales

[Also Dinas Mawddwy (Wales) village (SH 8514) | Gwynedd | Wales]

RT Mallwyd (Wales) parish (SH 8612)

Dinas Powis (Wales) village (ST 1571)

UF Dinas Powys (Vale of Glamorgan : village)

Dinas Powys (Vale of Glamorgan : village) USE Dinas Powis (Wales) village (ST 1571)

Dinas a Sir Abertawe (Wales) USE Swansea (Wales) unitary authority (SS 6494)

Dinbych (Wales : county) USE Denbighshire (Wales) county (SJ 0566)

Dinbych (Wales) USE Denbigh (Wales) borough (SJ 0566)

Dinbych-y-pysgod (Wales) USE Tenby (Wales) town (SN 1300)

Dinefwr Park (Wales) house (SN 6121) | Carmarthenshire | Wales

[Also Dinefwr Park (Wales) house (SN 6121) | Dyfed | Wales]

UF Newton House (Llandyfeisant, Wales : house) , Drenewydd (Llandyfeisant, Wales : house), Dynevor Castle (Wales : house) , Dynevor Park (Wales : house)
RT Llandyfeisant (Wales) parish (SN 6222)

Dingestow (Wales) parish (SO 4510) | Monmouthshire | Wales

[Also Dingestow (Wales) parish (SO 4510) | Gwent | Wales]

UF Llanddingad (Wales)
RT Court Farm (Dingestow, Monmouthshire, Wales) farm (SO 4510)

Dinmeirchion (Wales) USE Tremeirchion (Wales) parish (SJ 0873)

Dinmor Park (Wales) place (SH 6381) | Anglesey | Wales

[Also Dinmor Park (Wales) place (SH 6381) | Gwynedd | Wales]

[Also Dinmor Park (Wales) place (SH 6381) | Anglesey | Wales]

RT Llangoed (Wales) parish (SH 6079)
RT Penmon (Wales) village (SH 6380)

Dinorwig (Wales) village (SH 5961) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Dinorwig (Wales) village (SH 5961) | Gwynedd | Wales]

RT Llanddeiniolen (Wales) parish (SH 5466)

Diphwys (Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales) USE Diffwys slate quarry (Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales) quarry (SH 7146)

Diserth (Denbighshire, Wales) USE Dyserth (Wales) parish (SJ 0579)

Diserth (Wales) USE Disserth (Wales) village (SJ 0358)

Diserth a Thre-coed (Wales) USE Diserth and Tre-goed (Wales) parish (SO 256)

Diserth and Tre-goed (Wales) parish (SO 256) | Powys | Wales

[Also Diserth and Tre-goed (Wales) parish (SO 256) | Radnorshire | Wales]

UF Diserth a Thre-coed (Wales) , Disserth and Trecoed (Wales)

Disserth (Wales) village (SJ 0358) | Radnorshire | Wales

[Also Disserth (Wales) village (SJ 0358) | Powys | Wales]

UF Diserth (Wales)

Disserth and Trecoed (Wales) USE Diserth and Tre-goed (Wales) parish (SO 256)

Doc Penfro (Wales) USE Pembroke Dock (Wales) town (SM 9603)

Dodleston (England) parish (SJ 3660) | Cheshire | England

Dol-y-cae (Wales) farm (SH 7211) | Gwynedd | Wales

[Also Dol-y-cae (Wales) farm (SH 7211) | Merioneth | Wales]

UF Dôl y Cae (Wales)
RT Tal-y-llyn (Wales) parish (SH 7109)

Dolau Cothi (Wales) USE Dolaucothi (Wales) place (SN 6640)

Dolau-llanerch (Wales) USE Dolau-llannerch (Wales) farm (SN 2335)

Dolau-llannerch (Wales) farm (SN 2335) | Pembrokeshire | Wales

UF Dolau-llanerch (Wales)
RT Clydau (Wales) parish (SN 2434)
RT Llanfyrnach (Wales) parish (SN 2231)

Dolaucothi (Wales) place (SN 6640) | Carmarthenshire | Wales

[Also Dolaucothi (Wales) place (SN 6640) | Dyfed | Wales]

UF Dolau Cothi (Wales)
RT Cynwyl Gaeo (Wales) parish (SN 6742)
RT Pumsaint (Wales) village (SN 6540)

Dolbenmaen (Wales) civil parish (SH 5043) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Dolbenmaen (Wales) civil parish (SH 5043) | Gwynedd | Wales]

RT Penmorfa (Gwynedd, Wales) ecclesiastical parish (SH 5440)
RT Prenteg (Wales) village (SH 5841)

Dolgarrog (Wales) town (SH 7767 ) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Dolgarrog (Wales) town (SH 7767 ) | Gwynedd | Wales]

RT Llanbedr-y-cennin (Wales) parish (SH 7669)

Dolgellau (Wales) town (SH 7217) | Merioneth | Wales

[Also Dolgellau (Wales) town (SH 7217) | Gwynedd | Wales]

UF Dolgelley (Wales)
RT Brithdir and Islaw’r-dref (Wales) parish (SH 7718)
RT Callestra (Dolgellau, Wales : Farm) farm
RT Cefn yr Owen Issa (Dolgellau, Wales : Farm) farm
RT Clogwynau (Wales) common (SH 7217)

Dolgelley (Wales) USE Dolgellau (Wales) town (SH 7217)

Dolwyddelan (Wales) parish (SH 7352 ) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Dolwyddelan (Wales) parish (SH 7352 ) | Gwynedd | Wales]

Donegal (Ireland) county (54.80N, -8.00E) | Ireland

UF County Donegal (Ireland)

NT Dunfanaghy (Ireland) town (55.18N, -7.98E)

Donisthorpe Colliery (England)

Dorset (England) county (SY 6991) | England

UF Dorsetshire (England)

NT Marnhull (England) village (ST 7718)

Dorsetshire (England) USE Dorset (England) county (SY 6991)

Dorstone (England) parish (SO 3141) | Herefordshire | England

Dovey River (Gwynedd, Wales) USE River Dovey (Gwynedd, Wales) river (SH 7300)

Dowlais (Wales) township (SO 0707) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Dowlais (Wales) township (SO 0707) | Merthyr Tydfil | Wales]

[Also Dowlais (Wales) township (SO 0707) | Mid Glamorgan | Wales]

Down (Northern Ireland) county (NW 5110) | Northern Ireland

UF County Down (Northern Ireland)

Dre-fach (Llangeler, Wales) USE Drefach-Felindre (Wales) village (SN 3537)

Dre-wen, Y (England) USE Whittington (Shropshire, England) parish (SJ 3231)

Drefach-Felindre (Wales) village (SN 3537) | Cardiganshire | Wales

[Also Drefach-Felindre (Wales) village (SN 3537) | Ceredigion | Wales]

[Also Drefach-Felindre (Wales) village (SN 3537) | Dyfed | Wales]

UF Felindre (Llangeler, Wales: village), Dre-fach (Llangeler, Wales)
RT Llangeler (Wales) parish (SN 3739)

Drenewydd (Llandyfeisant, Wales : house) USE Dinefwr Park (Wales) house (SN 6121)

Drenewydd Gelli-farch (Wales) USE Shirenewton (Wales) parish (ST 4793)

Drenewydd yn Notais (Wales) USE Newton Nottage (Wales) parish (SS 8377)

Drenewydd, Y (Wales) USE Newtown (Powys, Wales) town (SO 1091)

Droylsden (England) town (SJ 8998) | Lancashire | England

Dublin (Ireland) city (53.33N, -6.25E) | Ireland

UF Dulyn (Ireland)

Duffryn (Glamorgan: parish) USE Dyffryn (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) parish (SS 8395)

Dulais Higher (Wales : parish) USE Dylais Higher (Wales) parish (SN 8106)

Dulais Uchaf (Wales : parish) USE Dylais Higher (Wales) parish (SN 8106)

Dulias Isaf (Wales : parish) USE Dylais Lower (Wales) parish (SN 7704)

Dulyn (Ireland) USE Dublin (Ireland) city (53.33N, -6.25E)

Dunfanaghy (Ireland) town (55.18N, -7.98E) | Donegal | Ireland

Dunraven (Wales) house (SS 8972) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Dunraven (Wales) house (SS 8972) | South Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Dunraven (Wales) house (SS 8972) | Vale of Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Dwn-rhefn (Wales)
RT St Brides Major (Wales) parish (SS 8974)

Dunraven Adare Colliery (Wales) mine (ST 0091) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Dunraven Adare Colliery (Wales) mine (ST 0091) | Mid Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Dunraven Adare Colliery (Wales) mine (ST 0091) | Rhondda Cynon Taff | Wales]

Dunvant (Wales) village (SS 5993) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Dunvant (Wales) village (SS 5993) | Swansea | Wales]

[Also Dunvant (Wales) village (SS 5993) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Dynfant (Wales)

Dwn-rhefn (Wales) USE Dunraven (Wales) house (SS 8972)

Dwygyfylchi (Wales) parish (SH 7377) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Dwygyfylchi (Wales) parish (SH 7377) | Gwynedd | Wales]

RT Penmaenmawr (Wales) town (SH 7176)

Dwyran (Wales) town (SH4465)

Dyfed (Wales) county (SN 4120) | Wales

NT Aber-banc (Wales) place (SN 3541);  Aberaeron (Wales) town (SN 4562 );  Aberffrwd (Wales) parish (SN 6878);  Abergorlech (Wales) village (SN 5833);  Abergwili (Wales) parish (SN 4321);  Aberporth (Wales) parish (SN 2651);  Aberystwyth (Wales) (SN 5881);  Adpar (Wales) village (SN 3041);  Alltwalis (Wales) village (SN 4431);  Alltyrodyn (Wales) house (SN 4444 );  Ambleston (Wales) parish (SN 0025);  Ammanford (Wales) town (SN 6212);  Amroth (Wales) parish (SN 1607);  Angle (Wales) village (SM 8602);  Bangor Teifi (Wales) parish (SN 3840 );  Begelly (Wales) parish (SN 1107);  Bettws-Leucu (Wales) parish (SN 6058);  Beulah (Ceredigion, Wales) place (SN 2846);  Blaen-pant (Wales) parish (SN 3131);  Blaen-y-coed (Carmarthenshire, Wales) village (SN 3427);  Blaenpennal (Wales) parish (SN 6264);  Blaenporth (Wales) place (SN 2648);  Bletherston (Wales) parish (SN 0621);  Borth (Wales) parish (SN 6089);  Bow Street (Wales) village (SN 6284);  Brawdy (Wales) parish (SM 8525);  Broad Haven (Wales) village (SM 8613);  Brongest (Wales) place (SN 3245);  Brongwyn (Wales) parish (SN 2843);  Bronnant (Wales) parish (SN 6467);  Burry Port (Wales) town (SN 4501);  Bwlch-Llan (Wales) place (SN 5758);  Bynea (Wales) village (SS 5499);  Caerwedros (Wales) parish (SN 3755);  Caio (Wales) parish (SN 6739);  Camrose (Wales) parish (SM 9220);  Capel Bangor (Wales) village (SN 6580);  Capel Cynon (Wales) parish (SN 3849);  Capel Dewi (Ceredigion, Wales) village (SN 4542);  Capel Seion (Wales) parish (SN 6379);  Cardigan (Wales) town (SN 1746);  Carew (Wales) parish (SN 0403);  Carmarthen (Wales) town (SN 4120);  Caron Is Clawdd (Wales) parish (SN 6759);  Carway (Wales) village (SN 4606);  Castell Flemish (Wales) parish (SN 6563);  Castlemartin (Wales) parish (SR 9198);  Cellan (Wales) parish (SN 6149);  Cenarth (Wales) parish (SN 2641);  Ceulan a Maes-mawr (Wales) civil parish (SN 6589 );  Chancery (Wales) hamlet (SN 5876);  Churchton (Wales) village (SN 1305);  Cil-y-cwm (Wales) parish (SN 7540);  Cil-yr-ychen (Wales) farm (SN 6117);  Cilcennin (Wales) parish (SN 5260);  Ciliau Aeron (Wales) parish (SN 5058);  Cilrhedyn (Carmarthenshire, Wales) parish (SN 2734);  Cilymaenllwyd (Wales) parish (SN 1424);  Clarach (Wales) village (SN 6083);  Clydau (Wales) parish (SN 2434);  Clynmardy (Wales) farm (SN 5334);  Coed-y-bryn (Wales) settlement (SN 3545);  Cofadail (Wales) hamlet (SN 6068);  Commins Coch (Ceredigion, Wales) area (SN 6182);  Cosheston (Wales) civil parish (SN 0004);  Cresselly (Wales) village (SN 0606);  Cribyn (Ceredigion, Wales) place (SN 5251);  Crinow (Wales) parish (SN 1214);  Cross Hands (Carmarthenshire, Wales) village (SN 5612);  Crunwear (Wales) parish (SN 1710);  Cwmaman (Carmarthenshire, Wales) civil parish, urban district (SN 6714);  Cwmcennen (Wales) farm (SN 6618);  Cwmcloch (Wales) farm (SN 3026);  Cwmdwfn (Wales) farm (SN 3926);  Cwmffrwd (Ceredigion, Wales) farm (SN 6149);  Cwmgwili (Wales : village) village (SN 5710);  Cwmtwrch (Wales) farm (SN 7515);  Cwmystwyth (Wales) parish (SN 7874);  Cwrt-mawr (Ceredigion, Wales) house (SN 6262);  Cwrtnewydd (Ceredigion, Wales) village (SN 4847);  Cyffig (Wales) parish (SN 2310);  Cyfoethybrenin (Wales) civil parish (SN 6190);  Cymergyr (Wales) place (SN 7380);  Cympadarn (Wales) place (SN 5881);  Cynheidre (Wales) village (SN 4907);  Cynwyl Elfed (Wales) parish (SN 3727);  Cynwyl Gaeo (Wales) parish (SN 6742);  Dafen (Wales) village (SN 5201);  Dale (Wales) parish (SM 8005);  Devil’s Bridge (Wales) village (SN 7376);  Dihewyd (Wales) parish (SN 4855 );  Dinefwr Park (Wales) house (SN 6121);  Dolaucothi (Wales) place (SN 6640);  Drefach-Felindre (Wales) village (SN 3537);  Dyffryn Arth (Wales) community (SN 5462);  Dyffryn Taf (Wales) manor (SN 2231);  East Williamston (Wales) parish (SN 0904);  Efailwen (Wales) village (SN 1325);  Eglwys Fach (Wales) parish (SN 6895);  Eglwys Fair a Churig (Wales) parish (SN 1819);  Eglwyscummin (Wales) parish (SN 2310);  Elerch (Wales) parish (SN 6886);  Esgairdawe (Wales) village (SN 6140);  Felinfach (Ceredigion, Wales) village (SN 5255);  Ferwig (Wales) parish (SN 1849 );  Ffaldybrenin (Wales) village (SN 6344);  Fishguard (Wales) town (SM 9537);  Fishguard Harbour (Wales) port (SM 9538);  Fishguard and Goodwick (Wales) town (SM 9537);  Freystrop (Wales) parish (SM 9511);  Garnant (Wales) village (SN 6813);  Gartheli (Wales) parish (SN 5856);  Gellyswick (Wales) parish (SM 8805);  Gellywen (Wales) village (SN 2723);  Glan-Gwili (Wales) village (SN 4322);  Glanaman (Wales) village (SN 6713);  Glandwr (Pembrokeshire, Wales) village (SN 1928);  Glanrhyd Farm (Pembrey, Wales) farm (SN 4201);  Glynarthen (Wales) parish (SN 3148);  Goginan (Wales) village (SN 6881);  Goodwick (Wales) parish (SM 9438);  Gors (Wales) village (SN 6377);  Gorsgoch (Wales) village (SN 4850);  Granston (Wales) parish (SM 8934);  Gwendraeth Valley (Wales) area (SN 4711);  Gwenlli (Wales) hamlet (SN 3953);  Gwernogle (Wales) village (SN 5334);  Gwnnws Isaf and Gwnnws Uchaf (Wales) parish (SN 6869);  Gwyddgrug (Wales) village (SN 4635 );  Haroldston St Issells (Wales) parish (SM 9514);  Haroldston West (Wales) parish (SM 8615);  Haverfordwest (Wales) town (SM 9515);  Hean Castle (Wales) castle (SN 1305);  Hebron (Carmarthenshire, Wales) village (SN 1827);  Henllan (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 3540 );  Henllan (Pembrokeshire, Wales) house (SN 1316);  Hook (Wales) village (SM 9711);  Hubberston (Wales) village (SM 8906);  Hundleton (Wales) parish (SM 9600);  Johnston (Wales) parish (SM 9310);  Jordanston (Wales) parish (SM 9132);  Kidwelly (Wales) town (SN 4006);  Kilgetty (Wales) village (SN 1207);  Kilgetty Wood (Wales) woodlands (SN 1308);  Lambston (Wales) parish (SM 9016);  Lampeter (Wales) town (SN 5748);  Lampeter Velfrey (Wales) parish (SN 1514);  Lamphey (Wales) parish (SN 0100);  Landshipping (Wales) parish (SN 0311);  Laugharne (Wales) parish (SN 3010);  Lawrenny (Wales) parish (SN 0107);  Lawrenny Castle (Wales) house (SN 0107);  Letterston (Wales) (SM 9329);  Little Haven (Wales) village (SM 8512 );  Little Newcastle (Wales) parish (SM 9829);  Llan-non (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 5167);  Llanafan (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 6872);  Llanarth (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 4257);  Llanarthne (Wales) parish (SN 5320);  Llanbadarn Fawr (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 6080 );  Llanbadarn Trefeglwys (Wales) parish (SN 5463);  Llanboidy (Wales) parish (SN 2123);  Llandawke (Wales) parish (SN 2811);  Llanddarog (Wales) parish (SN 5016);  Llanddeiniol (Wales) parish (SN 5672 );  Llanddeusant (Carmarthenshire, Wales) parish (SN 7724);  Llanddewi Aber-arth (Wales) parish (SN 4763);  Llanddewi Velfrey (Wales) parish (SN 1416);  Llanddewi-Brefi (Wales) parish (SN 6655 );  Llanddowror (Wales) parish (SN 2514);  Llandeilo (Wales) parish (SN 6225);  Llandingad (Wales) parish (SN 7533);  Llandissilio West (Pembrokeshire, Wales) parish (SN 1221);  Llandovery (Wales) town (SN 7634);  Llandre (Wales) village (SN 6286);  Llandybie (Wales) parish (SN 6115);  Llandyfaelog (Wales) parish (SN 2830);  Llandyfeisant (Wales) parish (SN 6222);  Llandyfriog (Wales) parish (SN 3341);  Llandygwydd (Wales) parish (SN 2443);  Llandysilio (Carmarthenshire, Wales) parish (SN 1122);  Llandysiliogogo (Wales) parish (SN 3657 );  Llandysul (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 4140 );  Llanedi (Wales) parish (SN 5806);  Llanegwad (Wales) parish (SN 5121);  Llanelli (Wales) town (SN 5000);  Llanfair Clydogau (Wales) parish (SN 6251);  Llanfair Nant-gwyn (Wales) parish (SN 1637);  Llanfair-ar-y-bryn (Wales) parish (SN 8039);  Llanfairorllwyn (Wales) place (SN 3040);  Llanfallteg (Wales) parish (SN 1520);  Llanfihangel Aberbythych (Wales) parish (SN 5819);  Llanfihangel Abercywyn (Wales) parish (SN 2916);  Llanfihangel Genau’r-glyn (Wales) parish (SN 6288);  Llanfihangel Penbedw (Wales) parish (SN 2039);  Llanfihangel Rhos-y-corn (Wales) parish (SN 5035);  Llanfihangel Ystrad (Wales) parish (SN 5256);  Llanfihangel-ar-arth (Wales) parish (SN 4539 );  Llanfihangel-y-Creuddyn (Wales) parish (SN 6676 );  Llanfynydd (Carmarthenshire, Wales) parish (SN 5527);  Llanfyrnach (Wales) parish (SN 2231);  Llangadog (Llandovery, Wales) parish (SN 7028);  Llangain (Wales) parish (SN 3815);  Llangan (Carmarthenshire, Wales) area (SN 2120);  Llangathen (Wales) parish (SN 5822);  Llangeitho (Wales) parish (SN 6159);  Llangeler (Wales) parish (SN 3739);  Llangennech (Wales) parish (SN 5601);  Llangoedmor (Wales) parish (SN 2045 );  Llangorwen (Wales) parish (SN 6083);  Llangranog (Wales) parish (SN 3154);  Llangunnor (Wales) parish (SN 4320);  Llangwm (Pembrokeshire, Wales) parish (SM 9909);  Llangwyryfon (Wales) parish (SN 5970);  Llangybi (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 6053);  Llangyndeyrn (Wales) parish (SN 4514);  Llangynfelyn (Wales) parish (SN 6492);  Llangynin (Wales) parish (SN 2519);  Llangynllo (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 3544);  Llangynog (Carmarthenshire, Wales) parish (SN 3316);  Llanhowel (Wales) parish (SM 8127);  Llanilar (Wales) parish (SN 6275);  Llanllawddog (Wales) parish (SN 4529);  Llanllawer (Wales) parish (SM 9836);  Llanllwchaearn (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 3857);  Llanllwni (Wales) parish (SN 4741);  Llannon (Carmarthenshire, Wales) parish (SN 5408);  Llanpumsaint (Wales) parish (SN 4129);  Llanreithan (Wales) parish (SM 8628);  Llanrhian (Wales) parish (SM 8131);  Llanrhystud (Wales) parish (SN 5369);  Llansadurnen (Wales) parish (SN 2810);  Llansadwrn (Carmarthenshire, Wales) parish (SN 6931);  Llansantffraed (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 5167);  Llansawel (Carmarthenshire, Wales) parish (SN 6236);  Llansteffan (Carmarthenshire, Wales) parish (SN 3510);  Llanstinan (Wales) parish (SM 9533);  Llanwenog (Wales) parish (SN 4945);  Llanwinio (Wales) parish (SN 2626);  Llanwnda (Pembrokeshire, Wales) parish (SM 9339);  Llanwnnen (Wales) parish (SN 5347);  Llanwrda (Wales) parish (SN 7131);  Llanybydder (Wales) parish (SN 5244);  Llanycefn (Wales) parish (SN 0923);  Llanychaearn (Wales) parish (SN 5876);  Llanychlwydog (Wales) parish (SN 0234);  Llanycrwys (Wales) parish (SN 6445);  Llawhaden (Wales) parish (SN 0617);  Llechdwnni (Wales) township (SN 4210);  Llechryd (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 2143);  Lledrod (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 6470);  Lledrod Isaf (Wales) parish (SN 6368);  Llettyllwynde (Wales) farm (SN 5244);  Llwyncelyn (Ceredigion, Wales) place (SN 4459);  Llwyndafydd (Wales) place (SN 3755 );  Llwyngwydd (Wales) house (SN 2120);  Llyn Brianne (Wales) reservoir (SN 7949);  Lovesgrove (Wales) house (SN 6382);  Ludchurch (Wales) parish (SN 1014);  Maen-y-Groes (Wales) settlement (SN 3858 );  Maenclochog (Wales) parish (SN 0827);  Manorbier (Wales) parish (SS 0697);  Manordeifi (Wales) parish (SN 2240);  Marloes (Wales) (SM 7908);  Mathry (Wales) parish (SM 8731);  Meidrim (Wales) parish (SN 2820);  Merlin's Bridge (Wales) village (SM 9414);  Merthyr (Wales) parish (SN 3520);  Milford Haven (Wales) town (SM 9005);  Minwear (Wales) parish (SN 0313);  Monington (Wales) parish (SN 1343);  Monkton (Pembrokeshire, Wales) parish (SM 9701);  Myddfai (Wales) parish (SN 7730);  Mydroilyn (Wales) parish (SN 4555);  Neuaddfawr (Tal-y-bont, Ceredigion, Wales : Farm) farm (no ref.);  Nevern (Wales) parish (SN 0839 );  New Cross (Wales) place (SN 6376);  New Inn (Carmarthenshire, Wales) village (SN 4736);  New Moat (Wales) parish (SN 0625);  New Quay (Wales) town (SN 3859);  Newcastle Emlyn (Wales) parish (SN 3040);  Newchurch (Carmarthenshire, Wales) parish (SN 3824);  Newport (Pembrokeshire, Wales) parish (SN 0539);  Newton (Hundleton, Pembrokeshire, Wales) village (SM 9000);  Newton (Llanstadwell, Pembrokeshire, Wales) house (SM 9405);  Nolton (Wales) parish (SM 8618 );  Nolton Haven (Wales) village (SM 8518);  Pant-y-crûg (Wales) parish (SN 6578);  Panteg (Pembrokeshire, Wales) house (SN 1516);  Pantyffynnon (Wales) village (SN 6210);  Parsel Canol (Wales) parish (SN 6381);  Pembrey (Wales) parish (SN 4201);  Pembroke Dock (Wales) town (SM 9603);  Pen-llwyn (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 6580);  Pen-rhydd (Wales) parish (SN 1934);  Pen-y-groes (Wales) village (SN 5813);  Penbryn (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 2952);  Pencader (Wales) village (SN 4436);  Pencarreg (Wales) parish (SN 5345);  Pendine (Wales) parish (SN 2308);  Penmorfa (Ceredigion, Wales) village (SN 3052);  Pennant (Ceredigion, Wales) village (SN 5163);  Penparc (Wales) village (SN 2148);  Penparcau (Wales) village (SN 5880);  Penrhyn-coch (Wales) village (SN 6484);  Pentre (Pembrokeshire, Wales: mansion) house (SN 2340);  Penuwch (Wales) area (SN 5967);  Picton Castle (Wales) house (SN 0013);  Pont-Siân (Wales) village (SN 4346);  Ponterwyd (Wales) village (SN 7480);  Pontrhydfendigaid (Wales) village (SN 7366);  Pontyates (Wales) village (SN 4708);  Pontyberem (Wales) parish (SN 5011);  Prendergast (Wales) parish (SM 9516);  Preseli (Wales : district) district (SN 9523);  Pumsaint (Wales) village (SN 6540);  Puncheston (Wales) (SN 0029);  Pwll (Carmarthenshire, Wales) village (SN 4801);  Pwll-trap (Wales) village (SN 2616);  Rhiwdywyll (Wales) farm (SN 4222);  Rhydlewis (Wales) village (SN 3447);  Rhydypennau (Wales) parish (SN 6385);  Rhydyronen (Ceredigion, Wales : Farm) farm (no ref.);  Robeston Wathen (Wales) parish (SN 0815);  Roch (Wales) parish (SM 8721);  Rosemarket (Wales) parish (SM 9508);  Rudbaxton (Wales) parish (SM 9620);  Rushacre (Wales) parish (SN 1015);  Saron (Wales : near Ammanford) village (SN 6012);  Saundersfoot (Wales) parish (SN 1304);  Scolton (Wales) manor (SM 9821);  Silian (Wales) parish (SN 5751 );  Skomer Island (Wales) island (SM 7209);  Slebech (Wales) parish (SN 0013);  Solva (Wales) village (SM 8024);  Spittal (Wales) parish (SM 9723);  St Botolphs (Wales) village (SM 8907);  St Brides (Pembrokeshire, Wales) parish (SM 7910);  St Clears (Wales) town (SN 2716);  St Davids (Wales) parish (SM 7525);  St Dogmaels (Wales) parish (SN 1645);  St Dogwells (Wales) parish (SM 9627);  St Edrens (Wales) parish (SM 8828);  St Florence (Wales) parish (SN 0902);  St Ishmael (Wales) parish (SN 3608);  St Ishmael's (Wales) parish (SN 8307);  St Issells (Wales) parish (SN 1014);  St Lawrence (Wales) parish (SN 9526);  St Martin (Wales) parish (SM 9515);  St Mary (Pembrokeshire, Wales) ecclesiastical parish (SM 9603);  St Nicholas (Pembrokeshire, Wales) parish (SM 9035);  St Peters (Wales) parish (SN 4120);  Stackpole (Wales) village (SR 9896);  Steynton (Wales) parish (SM 9107);  Strata Florida (Wales) parish (SN 7465);  Swyddffynnon (Wales) village (SN 6966);  Tal-sarn and Silian (Wales) manor (SN 5457);  Tal-y-bont (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 6589);  Talgarreg (Wales) village (SN 4251);  Talley (Wales) parish (SN 6332);  Tanybwlch (Ceredigion, Wales) house (SN 5879);  Tanygarreg (Wales) hamlet (SN 6264);  Temple Bar (Wales) village (SN 5354);  Templeton (Wales) village (SN 1111);  Tenby (Wales) town (SN 1300);  Tirymynach (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 6484);  Trapp (Wales) village (SN 6518);  Tre Taliesin (Wales) village (SN 6591);  Trefeurig (Wales) civil parish (SN 6883);  Treffgarne (Wales : village) village (SM 9523);  Trefilan (Wales) parish (SN 5457);  Tregaron (Wales) parish (SN 6759);  Trelech (Carmarthenshire, Wales) parish (SN 2830);  Trelech-a’r-Bettws (Carmarthenshire, Wales) parish (SN 3026);  Trewen (Ceredigion, Wales) village (SN 2942);  Trimsaran (Wales) parsh (SN 4504);  Trisant (Wales) village (SN 7175);  Troedyraur (Wales) parish (SN 3245 );  Tumble (Wales) village (SN 5411);  Upton (Wales) parish (SN 0104);  Uzmaston (Wales) parish (SM 9714);  Vale of Towy (Wales) area (SN 5000);  Walton East (Wales) parish (SN 0223);  Walton West (Wales) village (SM 8612);  Walwyn's Castle (Wales) parish (SM 8711);  Williamston (Wales) parish (SM 9806);  Ysbyty Ystwyth (Wales) parish (SN 7371);  Ysgubor-y-coed (Wales) parish (SN 6895);  Ystradmeurig (Wales) village (SN 7067);  Ystradowen (Carmarthenshire, Wales) village (SN 7512);  Ystumtuen (Wales) village (SN 7378)

RT Cardiganshire (Wales) county (SN 1746)
RT Carmarthenshire (Wales) county (SN 4120)
RT Ceredigion (Wales) unitary authority (SN 4562)
RT Pembrokeshire (Wales) county (SM 9801)

Dyffryn (Isle of Anglesey, Wales) USE Valley (Wales) village (SH 3080)

Dyffryn (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) parish (SS 8395)

UF Duffryn (Glamorgan: parish) , Dyffryn Afan (Glamorgan: parish)

Dyffryn Afan (Glamorgan: parish) USE Dyffryn (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) parish (SS 8395)

Dyffryn Arth (Wales) community (SN 5462) | Dyfed | Wales

[Also Dyffryn Arth (Wales) community (SN 5462) | Ceredigion | Wales]

[Also Dyffryn Arth (Wales) community (SN 5462) | Cardiganshire | Wales]

RT Llanbadarn Trefeglwys (Wales) parish (SN 5463)
RT Llanddewi Aber-arth (Wales) parish (SN 4763)

Dyffryn Cellwen (Wales) village (SN 8510)

Dyffryn Clydach (Wales) parish (SS 7299) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Dyffryn Clydach (Wales) parish (SS 7299) | Neath Port Talbot | Wales]

[Also Dyffryn Clydach (Wales) parish (SS 7299) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Dyffrynclydach (Wales : parish)

Dyffryn Elan (Wales) USE Elan Valley (Wales) parish (SN 9365)

Dyffryn Farm (Llanellen, Wales) farm (SO 3011) | Gwent | Wales

[Also Dyffryn Farm (Llanellen, Wales) farm (SO 3011) | Monmouthshire | Wales]

[Also Dyffryn Farm (Llanellen, Wales) farm (SO 3011) | Gwent | Wales]

[Also Dyffryn Farm (Llanellen, Wales) farm (SO 3011) | Monmouthshire | Wales]

RT Llanellen (Wales) parish (SO 3010)
RT Llanfoist (Wales) parish (SO 2813)

Dyffryn Lliw (Wales : district) USE Lliw Valley (Wales) district (SN 7204)

Dyffryn Taf (Wales) manor (SN 2231) | Dyfed | Wales

[Also Dyffryn Taf (Wales) manor (SN 2231) | Pembrokeshire | Wales]

Dyffrynclydach (Wales : parish) USE Dyffryn Clydach (Wales) parish (SS 7299)

Dyfi, Afon (Gwynedd, Wales) USE River Dovey (Gwynedd, Wales) river (SH 7300)

Dyfnaint (England) USE Devon (England) county (SX 9292)

Dylais Higher (Wales) parish (SN 8106) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Dylais Higher (Wales) parish (SN 8106) | Neath | Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Dylais Higher (Wales) parish (SN 8106) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Upper Dylais (Wales : parish) , Dulais Higher (Wales : parish), Dulais Uchaf (Wales : parish)
RT Onllwyn (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) village (SN 8410)

Dylais Lower (Wales) parish (SN 7704) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Dylais Lower (Wales) parish (SN 7704) | Neath Port Talbot | Wales]

[Also Dylais Lower (Wales) parish (SN 7704) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Lower Dylais (Wales : parish), Dulias Isaf (Wales : parish)

Dylife (Wales) village (SN 8694)

Dymeirchion (Wales) USE Tremeirchion (Wales) parish (SJ 0873)

Dymock (England) parish (SO 7031)

Dynevor Castle (Wales : house) USE Dinefwr Park (Wales) house (SN 6121)

Dynevor Park (Wales : house) USE Dinefwr Park (Wales) house (SN 6121)

Dynfant (Wales) USE Dunvant (Wales) village (SS 5993)

Dyserth (Wales) parish (SJ 0579) | Flintshire | Wales

[Also Dyserth (Wales) parish (SJ 0579) | Clwyd | Wales]

[Also Dyserth (Wales) parish (SJ 0579) | Denbighshire | Wales]

UF Diserth (Denbighshire, Wales)

Dôl y Cae (Wales) USE Dol-y-cae (Wales) farm (SH 7211)

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