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Y Bala (Wales) USE Bala (Wales) parish (SH 9236)

Y Barri (Wales) USE Barry (Wales) town (ST 1168)

Y Berch (Wales) USE Abererch (Wales) parish (SH 3936)

Y Betws (Carmarthenshire, Wales) USE Betws (Carmarthenshire, Wales) parish (SN 6311)

Y Betws (Newport, Wales) USE Bettws (Newport, Wales) parish (ST 2990)

Y Bont-faen (Wales) USE Cowbridge (Wales) parish (SS 9974)

Y Bontnewydd (Gwynedd, Wales) USE Bontnewydd (Gwynedd, Wales) village (SH 4859)

Y Borth (Wales) USE Borth (Wales) parish (SN 6089)

Y Bynei (Wales) USE Bynea (Wales) village (SS 5499)

Y Castellnewydd (Bridgend, Wales) USE Newcastle (Bridgend, Wales) parish (SS 9079)

Y Coelbren (Wales) USE Coelbren (Wales) village (SN 8511)

Y Creunant (Wales : parish) USE Crynant (Wales) parish (SN 7904)

Y Crwys (Wales : village) USE Three Crosses (Wales) village (SS 5794)

Y Cwm (Denbighsire, Wales) USE Cwm (Denbighshire, Wales) parish (SJ 0677)

Y Cymer (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) USE Cymmer (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) village (ST 0290)

Y Deyrnas Unedig USE Great Britain nation (TQ 3181 )

Y Dre-wen (England) USE Whittington (Shropshire, England) parish (SJ 3231)

Y Drenewydd (Wales) USE Newtown (Powys, Wales) town (SO 1091)

Y Dywarchen (Wales) USE Tirymynach (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 6484)

Y Faenor (Wales) USE Vaynor (Wales) parish (SO 0410)

Y Fali (Wales) USE Valley (Wales) village (SH 3080)

Y Fan (Caerphilly, Wales) USE Van (Caerphilly, Wales) parish (ST 1686)

Y Felinheli (Wales) USE Felinheli (Wales) village (SH 5267)

Y Fenechdid (Wales) USE Efenechtyd (Wales) parish (SJ 1155)

Y Fenni (Wales) USE Abergavenny (Wales) town (SO 2914)

Y Ferwig (Wales) USE Ferwig (Wales) parish (SN 1849 )

Y Fflint (Wales) USE Flint (Wales) town (SJ 2472 )

Y Gaerwen (Wales) USE Gaerwen (Wales) settlement (SH 4972)

Y Ganllwyd (Wales) USE Ganllwyd (Wales) village (SH 7224)

Y Garn (Wales) USE Roch (Wales) parish (SM 8721)

Y Garnant (Wales) USE Garnant (Wales) village (SN 6813)

Y Gelli (Powys, Wales) USE Hay-on-Wye (Wales) town (SO 2242)

Y Gelli Gandryll (Wales) USE Hay-on-Wye (Wales) town (SO 2242)

Y Gors (Wales: village) USE Gors (Wales) village (SN 6377)

Y Groeslon (Wales) USE Groeslon (Wales) village (SH 4755)

Y Gyffin (Wales) USE Gyffin (Wales) parish (SH 7776)

Y Gyffylliog (Wales) USE Cyffylliog (Wales) parish (SJ 0557)

Y Pil (Wales) USE Pyle (Wales) village (SS 8282)

Y Porth (Wales) USE Porth (Wales) parish (ST 0291)

Y Rhath (Cardiff, Wales) USE Roath (Cardiff, Wales) parish (ST 1977)

Y Rhigos (Wales) USE Rhigos (Wales) parish (SN 9205)

Y Rhyl (Wales) USE Rhyl (Wales) parish (SJ 0181)

Y Ro-wen, Caerhun (Wales) USE Rowen (Caerhun, Wales) village (SH 7571 )

Y Trallwng (Wales) USE Trallong (Wales : parish) parish (SN 9629)

Y Trallwng (Wales) USE Welshpool (Wales) town (SJ 2207)

Y Tymbl (Wales) USE Tumble (Wales) village (SN 5411)

Y Waun (Wales) USE Chirk (Wales) parish (SJ 2937)

Y Wig (Wales) USE Wick (Wales) parish (SS 9272)

Yatton (North Somerset, England) parish (ST 4265)

Yellow Gate (Commune) USE Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp

Yellow Gate Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp USE Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp

Yemen nation (15.50N, 47.50E)

UF Al-Yaman

NT Aden (Yemen) governorate (12.78N, 45.05E)

Yniscedwyn (Wales) USE Ynys-Cedwyn (Wales) house (SN 7810)

Ynisymmond (Wales) USE Ynys-y-mond (Wales) parish (SN 7102)

Ynys Enlli (Wales) USE Bardsey Island (Wales) island (SH 1221)

Ynys Môn (Wales : unitary authority) USE Anglesey (Wales : unitary authority) unitary authority (SH 4675)

Ynys Môn (Wales) USE Anglesey (Wales) county (SH 4675)

Ynys Selyf (Wales : island) USE Skomer Island (Wales) island (SM 7209)

Ynys-Cedwyn (Wales) house (SN 7810) | Breconshire | Wales

[Also Ynys-Cedwyn (Wales) house (SN 7810) | Powys | Wales]

UF Ynyscedwyn (Wales) , Yniscedwyn (Wales) , Ynyscedwin (Wales)
RT Ystradgynlais (Wales) parish (SN 7810)

Ynys-ddu USE Ynysddu (Wales) (ST 1792)

Ynys-tanglws (Wales) USE Ynystanglws (Wales) house (SS 6699)

Ynys-y-bŵl (Wales) USE Ynysybwl (Wales) village (ST 0594)

Ynys-y-mond (Wales) parish (SN 7102) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Ynys-y-mond (Wales) parish (SN 7102) | Neath Port Talbot | Wales]

[Also Ynys-y-mond (Wales) parish (SN 7102) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Ynysymwn (Wales) , Ynisymmond (Wales)
RT Pontardawe (Wales : district) rural district (SN 7204)

Ynysawdre (Wales) parish (SS 8984) | Glamorgan | Wales

RT St Brides Minor (Wales) parish (SS 9281)

Ynyscedwin (Wales) USE Ynys-Cedwyn (Wales) house (SN 7810)

Ynyscedwyn (Wales) USE Ynys-Cedwyn (Wales) house (SN 7810)

Ynyscynhaearn (Wales) parish (SH 5538) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Ynyscynhaearn (Wales) parish (SH 5538) | Gwynedd | Wales]

RT Porthmadog (Wales) town (SH 5638)
RT Tremadog (Wales) village (SH 5640)

Ynysddu (Wales) (ST 1792)

UF Ynys-ddu

Ynysfawr (Wales: farm) USE Ynysfor (Wales) house (SH 6042)

Ynysfor (Wales) house (SH 6042) | Gwynedd | Wales

[Also Ynysfor (Wales) house (SH 6042) | Meirionnydd | Gwynedd | Wales]

[Also Ynysfor (Wales) house (SH 6042) | Merioneth | Wales]

UF Ynysfawr (Wales: farm)
RT Llanfrothen (Wales) parish (SH 6242)

Ynysgeti (Swansea, Wales) USE Sketty (Swansea, Wales) parish (SS 6292)

Ynysgynwraidd (Wales) USE Skenfrith (Wales) parish (SO 4520)

Ynysmeudwy (Wales) village (SN 7305) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Ynysmeudwy (Wales) village (SN 7305) | Neath Port Talbot | Wales]

[Also Ynysmeudwy (Wales) village (SN 7305) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Ynysmeudwy (Wales) village (SN 7305) | Neath Port Talbot | Wales]

[Also Ynysmeudwy (Wales) village (SN 7305) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

RT Llangiwg (Wales) parish (SN 7205)

Ynysowen (Merthyr Tudful: village) USE Merthyr Vale (Wales) village

Ynystanglws (Wales) house (SS 6699) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Ynystanglws (Wales) house (SS 6699) | Swansea | Wales]

[Also Ynystanglws (Wales) house (SS 6699) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Ynys-tanglws (Wales)

Ynystawe (Wales) village (SN 6800) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Ynystawe (Wales) village (SN 6800) | Swansea | Wales]

[Also Ynystawe (Wales) village (SN 6800) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

Ynysybwl (Wales) village (ST 0594) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Ynysybwl (Wales) village (ST 0594) | Mid Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Ynysybwl (Wales) village (ST 0594) | Rhondda Cynon Taff | Wales]

UF Ynys-y-bŵl (Wales)
RT Llanwonno (Wales) parish (ST 0295)

Ynysymwn (Wales) USE Ynys-y-mond (Wales) parish (SN 7102)

Yorkshire (England) county (SE 5951) | England

NT Astley (Wigan, England) parish (SD 7000);  Conisbrough Castle (England) house (SK 5198);  Garforth (England) town (SE 4132);  Kippax (England) town (SE 4130);  Swillington (England) parish (SE 3830)

Yr Aifft USE Egypt nation (27.00N, 30.00E )

Yr Alban USE Scotland nation (NT 2773)

Yr Almaen USE Germany nation (51.00N, 10.00E)

Yr As Fawr (Wales) USE Monknash (Wales) parish (SS 9170)

Yr Eglwys Newydd (Cardiff, Wales) USE Whitchurch (Cardiff, Wales) parish (ST 1479)

Yr Eidal USE Italy nation (42.80N, 12.80E)

Yr Hob (Wales) USE Hope (Wales) parish (SJ 3058)

Yr Orsedd (Wales) USE Rossett (Wales) parish (SJ 3657)

Yr Orsedd-goch (Wales) USE Rossett (Wales) parish (SJ 3657)

Yr Unol Daleithiau USE United States nation (38.00N, -98.00E)

Yr Wyddfa (Wales) USE Snowdon (Wales) mountain (SH 6054)

Yr Wyddgrug (Wales) USE Mold (Wales) parish (SJ 2363)

Yr Ystrad (Wales) USE Ystradyfodwg (Wales) (SS 9796)

Ysbyty Ifan (Wales) village (SH 8448) | Clwyd | Wales

[Also Ysbyty Ifan (Wales) village (SH 8448) | Conwy | Wales]

[Also Ysbyty Ifan (Wales) village (SH 8448) | Denbighshire | Wales]

RT Tir Ifan (Wales) parish (SH 8446)

Ysbyty Ystwyth (Wales) parish (SN 7371) | Cardiganshire | Wales

[Also Ysbyty Ystwyth (Wales) parish (SN 7371) | Ceredigion | Wales]

[Also Ysbyty Ystwyth (Wales) parish (SN 7371) | Dyfed | Wales]

RT Llanafan (Ceredigion, Wales) parish (SN 6872)

Ysceifiog (Wales) parish (SJ 1571) | Flintshire | Wales

[Also Ysceifiog (Wales) parish (SJ 1571) | Clwyd | Wales]

UF Ysgeifiog (Wales)

Ysgeifiog (Wales) USE Ysceifiog (Wales) parish (SJ 1571)

Ysgubor-y-coed (Wales) parish (SN 6895) | Cardiganshire | Wales

[Also Ysgubor-y-coed (Wales) parish (SN 6895) | Ceredigion | Wales]

[Also Ysgubor-y-coed (Wales) parish (SN 6895) | Dyfed | Wales]

UF Scyborycoed (Wales)
RT Eglwys Fach (Wales) parish (SN 6895)

Ystalyfera (Wales) parish (SN 7608) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Ystalyfera (Wales) parish (SN 7608) | Neath Port Talbot | Wales]

[Also Ystalyfera (Wales) parish (SN 7608) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

RT Llangiwg (Wales) parish (SN 7205)

Ystrad (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) parish (SS 9895) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Ystrad (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) parish (SS 9895) | Mid Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Ystrad (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) parish (SS 9895) | Rhondda Cynon Taff | Wales]

UF Ystrad Rhondda (Wales)
RT Ystradyfodwg (Wales) (SS 9796)

Ystrad Fflur (Wales) USE Strata Florida (Wales) parish (SN 7465)

Ystrad Meurig (Wales) USE Ystradmeurig (Wales) village (SN 7067)

Ystrad Mynach (Wales) parish (ST 1494) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Ystrad Mynach (Wales) parish (ST 1494) | Caerphilly | Wales]

[Also Ystrad Mynach (Wales) parish (ST 1494) | Mid Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Ystradmynach (Wales)

Ystrad Rhondda (Wales) USE Ystrad (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) parish (SS 9895)

Ystrad Rhondda (Wales) USE Ystradyfodwg (Wales) (SS 9796)

Ystrad, Yr (Wales) USE Ystradyfodwg (Wales) (SS 9796)

Ystrad-fflur (Wales) USE Strata Florida (Wales) parish (SN 7465)

Ystradfellte (Wales) parish (SN 9213 ) | Breconshire | Wales

[Also Ystradfellte (Wales) parish (SN 9213 ) | Powys | Wales]

RT Vaynor and Penderyn (Wales) rural district (SO 0410)

Ystradgynlais (Wales) parish (SN 7810) | Breconshire | Wales

[Also Ystradgynlais (Wales) parish (SN 7810) | Powys | Wales]

RT Abercraf (Wales) village (SN 8212)
RT Coelbren (Wales) village (SN 8511)
RT Pen-y-cae (Ystradgynlais, Powys, Wales) village (SN 8413)
RT Tawe Uchaf (Wales) parish (SN 7810)
RT Ynys-Cedwyn (Wales) house (SN 7810)

Ystradmeurig (Wales) village (SN 7067) | Cardiganshire | Wales

[Also Ystradmeurig (Wales) village (SN 7067) | Ceredigion | Wales]

[Also Ystradmeurig (Wales) village (SN 7067) | Cardiganshire | Wales]

[Also Ystradmeurig (Wales) village (SN 7067) | Ceredigion | Wales]

[Also Ystradmeurig (Wales) village (SN 7067) | Dyfed | Wales]

UF Ystrad Meurig (Wales)
RT Gwnnws Isaf and Gwnnws Uchaf (Wales) parish (SN 6869)

Ystradmynach (Wales) USE Ystrad Mynach (Wales) parish (ST 1494)

Ystradowen (Carmarthenshire, Wales) village (SN 7512) | Carmarthenshire | Wales

[Also Ystradowen (Carmarthenshire, Wales) village (SN 7512) | Dyfed | Wales]

[Also Ystradowen (Carmarthenshire, Wales) village (SN 7512) | Glamorgan | Wales]

RT Cwmllynfell (Wales) village (SN 7412)

Ystradowen (Vale of Glamorgan, Wales) village (ST 0177) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Ystradowen (Vale of Glamorgan, Wales) village (ST 0177) | South Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Ystradowen (Vale of Glamorgan, Wales) village (ST 0177) | Vale of Glamorgan | Wales]

Ystradyfodwg (Wales : urban district) urban district (SS 9796)

Ystradyfodwg (Wales) (SS 9796) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Ystradyfodwg (Wales) (SS 9796) | Mid Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Ystradyfodwg (Wales) (SS 9796) | Rhondda Cynon Taff | Wales]

UF Yr Ystrad (Wales), Ystrad, Yr (Wales) , Ystrad Rhondda (Wales)
RT Blaenllechau (Wales) village (SS 9997)
RT Cwm Saerbren (Wales) farm (SS 9397)
RT Gelli (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) village (SS 9794)
RT Llwynypia (Wales) village (SS 9993)
RT Maerdy (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) village (SS 9798)
RT Rhondda (Wales) parish (SS 9796)
RT Tylorstown (Wales) village (ST 0095)
RT Ystrad (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales) parish (SS 9895)

Ystum-gwadnaeth (Wales) farm (SH 7721) | Gwynedd | Wales

[Also Ystum-gwadnaeth (Wales) farm (SH 7721) | Merioneth | Wales]

UF Ystumgwadnaeth (Wales) , Ystym Gwadnoeth (Wales)
RT Llanfachreth (Wales) parish (SH 7522)

Ystumanner (Wales) commote (SN 6400) | Merioneth | Wales

[Also Ystumanner (Wales) commote (SN 6400) | Gwynedd | Wales]

UF Estimaner (Wales : commote)
RT Pennal (Wales) parish (SH 7000)

Ystumgwadnaeth (Wales) USE Ystum-gwadnaeth (Wales) farm (SH 7721)

Ystumllwynarth (Wales : parish) USE Oystermouth (Wales) parish (SS 6188)

Ystumtuen (Wales) village (SN 7378) | Cardiganshire | Wales

[Also Ystumtuen (Wales) village (SN 7378) | Ceredigion | Wales]

[Also Ystumtuen (Wales) village (SN 7378) | Dyfed | Wales]

Ystym Gwadnoeth (Wales) USE Ystum-gwadnaeth (Wales) farm (SH 7721)

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