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Wales nation (ST 1876)

UF Cymru

NT Alyn and Deeside (Wales) parliamentary constituency (SJ 3154);  Anglesey (Wales : unitary authority) unitary authority (SH 4675);  Anglesey (Wales) county (SH 4675);  Blaenau Gwent (Wales) unitary authority (SO 1609);  Breconshire (Wales) county (SO 0428);  Bridgend (Wales) unitary authority (SS 9080);  Caernarvonshire (Wales) county (SH 4862);  Caerphilly (Wales) county borough (ST 1586);  Cardiff (Wales) unitary authority (ST 1876);  Cardiganshire (Wales) county (SN 1746);  Carmarthen West and Pembrokeshire South (Wales) parliamentary constituency (SN 4120);  Carmarthenshire (Wales) county (SN 4120);  Ceredigion (Wales) unitary authority (SN 4562);  Clwyd (Wales) county (SJ 2363);  Conwy (Wales) county borough (SH 7777);  Dee, River (Wales and England) river (SJ 1683);  Denbighshire (Wales) county (SJ 0566);  Dyfed (Wales) county (SN 4120);  Flintshire (Wales) county (SJ 2472);  Forden (Wales) parish (SJ 2200);  Glamorgan (Wales) county (ST 0572);  Gwent (Wales) county (SO 2800);  Gwynedd (Wales) county (SH 5771);  Holywell (Wales : poor law union) poor law union (SJ 1876);  Merioneth (Wales) county (SH 7217);  Merthyr Tydfil (Wales) county borough (SO 0506);  Mid Glamorgan (Wales) county (ST 0789);  Monmouthshire (Wales) county (ST 4596);  Montgomeryshire (Wales) historic county (SO 2296);  Neath Port Talbot (Wales) unitary authority (SS 7497);  Newport (Wales) unitary authority (ST 3188);  Pembrokeshire (Wales) county (SM 9801);  Powys (Wales) county and unitary authority (SO 0561);  Radnorshire (Wales) historic county (SO 2160);  Rhondda Cynon Taff (Wales) unitary authority (ST 0789);  River Usk (Wales) river (SN 8123);  South Glamorgan (Wales) county (ST 1876);  South Wales region ;  Swansea (Wales) unitary authority (SS 6494);  Torfaen (Wales) unitary authority (SO 2800);  Vale of Glamorgan (Wales) unitary authority (ST 1168);  West Glamorgan (Wales) county (SS 6494);  Wrexham (Wales) county borough (SJ 3350)

RT Great Britain nation (TQ 3181 )
RT Rhufoniog (Wales) hundred (SJ 0566)

Wales, North

Wales, South area

Wallasey (England) town (SJ 3092) | Cheshire | England

Walthamstow (England) town (TQ 3789) | Essex | England

Walton East (Wales) parish (SN 0223) | Dyfed | Wales

[Also Walton East (Wales) parish (SN 0223) | Pembrokeshire | Wales]

Walton West (Wales) village (SM 8612) | Dyfed | Wales

[Also Walton West (Wales) village (SM 8612) | Pembrokeshire | Wales]

UF Waltwn (Wales : village)

Waltwn (Wales : village) USE Walton West (Wales) village (SM 8612)

Walwyn's Castle (Wales) parish (SM 8711) | Dyfed | Wales

[Also Walwyn's Castle (Wales) parish (SM 8711) | Pembrokeshire | Wales]

UF Walwynscastle (Wales)
RT Little Haven (Wales) village (SM 8512 )

Walwynscastle (Wales) USE Walwyn's Castle (Wales) parish (SM 8711)

Wandsworth (England) town (TQ 2574) | Surrey | England

Warren (Ohio) county (39.43N, -84.17E) | Ohio | United States

Warwickshire (England) county (SP 2865) | England

NT Birmingham (England) city (SP 0987)

Waterford (Ireland) county (52.17N, -7.67E) | Ireland

UF County Waterford (Ireland)

Watford (England) town (TQ 1097) | Hertfordshire | England

Wattstown (Wales) village (ST 0193) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Wattstown (Wales) village (ST 0193) | Mid Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Wattstown (Wales) village (ST 0193) | Rhondda Cynon Taff | Wales]

Wattsville (Wales)

Waun, Y (Wales) USE Chirk (Wales) parish (SJ 2937)

Waun-Lwyd (Wales) village (SO 1706) | Blaenau Gwent | Wales

[Also Waun-Lwyd (Wales) village (SO 1706) | Gwent | Wales]

[Also Waun-Lwyd (Wales) village (SO 1706) | Monmouthshire | Wales]

RT Ebbw Vale (Wales) town (SO 1609)

Waun-fawr (Gwynedd, Wales) USE Waunfawr (Gwynedd, Wales) parish (SH 5359)

Waunarlwydd (Wales) village (SS 6095) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Waunarlwydd (Wales) village (SS 6095) | Swansea | Wales]

[Also Waunarlwydd (Wales) village (SS 6095) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

Waunfawr (Gwynedd, Wales) parish (SH 5359) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Waunfawr (Gwynedd, Wales) parish (SH 5359) | Gwynedd | Wales]

UF Waun-fawr (Gwynedd, Wales)

Wdig (Wales : parish) USE Goodwick (Wales) parish (SM 9438)

Welsh Borders (England and Wales) area

Welsh St Donat's (Wales) USE Welsh St. Donats (Wales) parish (SS 9368)

Welsh St Donats (Wales) USE Welsh St. Donats (Wales) parish (SS 9368)

Welsh St. Donats (Wales) parish (SS 9368) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Welsh St. Donats (Wales) parish (SS 9368) | South Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Welsh St. Donats (Wales) parish (SS 9368) | Vale of Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Welsh St Donats (Wales) , Welsh St Donat's (Wales), Llanddunwyd (Wales)
RT St. Donats (Wales) parish (SS 9368)

Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway (Wales) railway (SJ 1407) | Montgomeryshire | Wales

[Also Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway (Wales) railway (SJ 1407) | Powys | Wales]

UF Welshpool and Llanfair Railway
RT Llanfair Caereinion (Wales) parish (SJ 1006)
RT Welshpool (Wales) town (SJ 2207)

Welshpool (Wales) town (SJ 2207) | Montgomeryshire | Wales

[Also Welshpool (Wales) town (SJ 2207) | Powys | Wales]

UF Trallwng (Wales), Y Trallwng (Wales)
RT Powis Castle (Wales) house (SJ 2106)
RT Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway (Wales) railway (SJ 1407)

Welshpool and Llanfair Railway USE Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway (Wales) railway (SJ 1407)

Wenvoe (Wales) village (ST 1272) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Wenvoe (Wales) village (ST 1272) | South Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Wenvoe (Wales) village (ST 1272) | Vale of Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Gwenfo (Wales)
RT Wenvoe Castle (Wales) house (ST 1271)

Wenvoe Castle (Wales) house (ST 1271) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Wenvoe Castle (Wales) house (ST 1271) | South Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Wenvoe Castle (Wales) house (ST 1271) | Vale of Glamorgan | Wales]

RT Wenvoe (Wales) village (ST 1272)

Wern (Llanfrothen, Wales) house (SH 6242) | Gwynedd | Wales

[Also Wern (Llanfrothen, Wales) house (SH 6242) | Merioneth | Wales]

RT Llanfrothen (Wales) parish (SH 6242)

Wern (Tremadog, Wales) farm (SN 5640) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Wern (Tremadog, Wales) farm (SN 5640) | Gwynedd | Wales]

RT Tremadog (Wales) village (SH 5640)

West Glamorgan (Wales) county (SS 6494) | Wales

UF Gorllewin Morgannwg (Wales)

NT Aber-pergwm House (Wales) house (SN 8606);  Aberavon (Wales) town (SS 7590);  Aberpergwm Colliery (Wales) mine (SN 8606);  Afan (Wales) district (SS 7589);  Baglan (Wales) parish (SS 7592);  Baglan Higher (Wales) parish (SS 7592);  Birchgrove (Swansea, Wales) village (SS 7098);  Bishopston (Wales) parish (SS 5788);  Blaengwrach (Wales) parish (SN 8605);  Blaenhonddan (Wales) parish (SN 7500);  Bon-y-maen (Wales) village (SS 6895);  Briton Ferry (Wales) town (SS 7394);  Bryn (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) village (SS 8192);  Bryn-coch (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) village (SS 7499);  Burry Holms (Wales) island (SS 3992);  Cadoxton-Juxta-Neath (Wales) parish (SS 7598);  Carreglwyd (Swansea, Wales) place (SS 6498);  Cheriton (Swansea, Wales) parish (SN 4593);  Cilybebyll (Wales) parish (SN 7404);  Clydach (Swansea, Wales) village (SN 6801);  Clyne (Wales) parish (SN 8000);  Clyne Castle (Wales) house (SS 6291);  Coed-ffranc (Wales) civil parish (SS 7297);  Craig-cefn-parc (Wales) village (SN 6702);  Crynant (Wales) parish (SN 7904);  Cwmavon (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) town (SS 7892);  Cwmbwrla (Wales) village (SS 6494);  Cwmgwrach (Wales) village (SN 8604);  Cwmllynfell (Wales) village (SN 7412);  Cwmrhydyceirw (Wales) village (SS 6699);  Cymer (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) village (SS 8696);  Dunvant (Wales) village (SS 5993);  Dyffryn Clydach (Wales) parish (SS 7299);  Dylais Higher (Wales) parish (SN 8106);  Dylais Lower (Wales) parish (SN 7704);  Felinfran (Wales) area (SS 6897);  Fforest-fach (Wales) village (SS 6295);  Garnswllt (Wales) village (SN 6209);  Gendros (Wales) village (SS 6395);  Glyn-meirch (Wales) house (SN 7104);  Glyn-neath (Wales) village (SN 8706);  Glyncorrwg (Wales) parish (SS 8799);  Godre'r-graig (Wales) village (SN 7506);  Gorseinon (Wales) parish (SS 5898);  Gower (Wales) area (SS 5290);  Gowerton (Wales) parish (SS 5996);  Grovesend (Wales) parish (SN 5900);  Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen (Wales) village (SN 7011);  Ilston (Wales) parish (SS 5590);  Killay (Wales) village (SS 6093);  Landore (Wales) area (SS 6595);  Langland (Wales) village (SS 6087);  Llandarcy (Wales) village (SS 7195);  Llanddewi (Swansea, Wales) parish (SN 4689);  Llanfihangel-ynys-Afan (Wales) parish (SS 8196);  Llangennith (Wales) parish (SS 4291);  Llangiwg (Wales) parish (SN 7205);  Llangyfelach (Wales) parish (SS 6498);  Llanmadoc (Wales) parish (SS 4493);  Llanmorlais (Wales) village (SS 5394);  Llanrhidian (Wales) parish (SS 4992);  Llanrhidian Higher (Wales) parish (SS 4992);  Llansamlet (Wales) parish (SS 6897);  Llantwit (Wales) parish (SS 8096);  Lliw Valley (Wales) district (SN 7204);  Loughor (Wales) parish (SS 5798);  Lower Swansea Valley (Wales) area (SS 6695);  Maesmarchog (Wales) village (SN 8510);  Manselton (Wales) district (SS 6595);  Margam (Wales) parish (SS 4586);  Mawr (Wales) parish (SN 6405);  Melincryddan (Wales) village (SS 7496);  Michaelston Higher (Wales) parish (SS 8196);  Morriston (Wales) parish (SS 6698);  Mumbles Head (Wales) area (SS 6387);  Neath (Wales : district) district (SS 7497);  Neath (Wales) town (SS 7497);  Neath Abbey (Wales) village (SS 7398);  Newton (Swansea, Wales) village (SS 6088);  Nicholaston (Wales) parish (SS 5288);  Onllwyn (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) village (SN 8410);  Oxwich (Wales) (SS 4986);  Oystermouth (Wales) parish (SS 6188);  Parkmill (Wales) village (SS 5489);  Pelenna (Wales) community (SS 8096);  Penclawdd (Wales) village (SS 5495);  Penderry (Wales) estate (SS 6498);  Penlan Farm (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) farm (SN 7204);  Penllergaer (Wales) village (SS 6198);  Penmaen (Swansea, Wales) parish (SS 5388);  Pennard (Wales) parish (SS 5688);  Penrice (Wales) parish (SS 4987);  Pentre-chwyth (Wales) district (SS 6795);  Penyrheol (Swansea, Wales) village (SS 5899);  Pontardawe (Wales : town) town (SN 7204);  Pontarddulais (Wales) parish (SN 5903);  Pontlliw (Wales) village (SN 6101);  Pontrhydyfen (Wales) village (SS 7994);  Port Talbot (Wales : district) district (SS 7589);  Port Talbot (Wales) parish (SS 7589);  Port-Eynon (Wales) parish (SS 4685);  Pwllfaron (Wales) colliery (SN 8706);  Resolven (Wales) parish (SN 8202);  Reynoldston (Wales) (SS 4890);  Rhiwfawr (Wales) village (SN7410);  Rhos (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) village (SN 7303);  Rhossili (Wales) parish (SS 4188);  Rhyd-y-fro (Wales) village (SN 7105);  Sandfields (Wales) village (SS 7490);  Seven Sisters (Wales) parish (SN 8208);  Singleton Abbey (Wales) house (SS 6392);  Sketty (Swansea, Wales) parish (SS 6292);  Skewen (Wales) parish (SS 7297);  St John's (Swansea, Wales) parish (SS 6494);  Swansea St Mary (Wales) parish (SS 6592);  Taibach (Wales) village (SS 7789);  Tairgwaith (Wales) village (SN 7112);  Three Crosses (Wales) village (SS 5794);  Tonmawr (Wales) village (SS 8096);  Tonna (Wales) parish (SS 7799);  Tre-boeth (Swansea, Wales) village (SS 6596);  Trebanos (Wales) village (SN 7103);  Ty-coch (Swansea, Wales) village (SS 6293);  Waunarlwydd (Wales) village (SS 6095);  Ynys-y-mond (Wales) parish (SN 7102);  Ynysmeudwy (Wales) village (SN 7305);  Ynystanglws (Wales) house (SS 6699);  Ynystawe (Wales) village (SN 6800);  Ystalyfera (Wales) parish (SN 7608)

RT Glamorgan (Wales) county (ST 0572)
RT Neath Port Talbot (Wales) unitary authority (SS 7497)
RT Swansea (Wales) unitary authority (SS 6494)

West Indies (18.00N, -75.00E)

UF India'r Gorllewin
RT Jamaica nation (18.25N, -77.50E)

Westbury on Trim (England : parish) USE Westbury on Trym (England) parish (ST 5677)

Westbury on Trym (England) parish (ST 5677) | Bristol | Gloucestershire | England

[Also Westbury on Trym (England) parish (ST 5677) | Gloucestershire | England]

UF Westbury on Trim (England : parish) , Westbury upon Trym (England : parish)

Westbury upon Trym (England : parish) USE Westbury on Trym (England) parish (ST 5677)

Whitchurch (Cardiff, Wales) parish (ST 1479) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Whitchurch (Cardiff, Wales) parish (ST 1479) | Cardiff | Wales]

[Also Whitchurch (Cardiff, Wales) parish (ST 1479) | South Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Eglwys Newydd (Cardiff, Wales) , Yr Eglwys Newydd (Cardiff, Wales)
RT Rhiwbina (Wales) village (ST 1581)
RT Tongwynlais (Wales) parish (ST 1382)

Whitchurch (Pembrokeshire, Wales) parish (SM 8025) | Pembrokeshire | Wales

UF Tre-groes (Pembrokeshire, Wales)
RT Solva (Wales) village (SM 8024)

Whitchurch (Shropshire, England) town (SJ 5441) | Shropshire | England

Whitecroft (Gloucestershire, England) village (SO 6106) | Gloucestershire | England

Whitford (Wales) parish (SJ 2275) | Flintshire | Wales

[Also Whitford (Wales) parish (SJ 2275) | Clwyd | Wales]

UF Chwitffordd (Wales)
RT Gorsedd (Wales) parish (SJ 1576)

Whitland (Wales) parish (SN 2016) | Carmarthenshire | Wales

UF Hendy-gwyn (Wales)
RT Glandwr (Pembrokeshire, Wales) village (SN 1928)

Whittington (Shropshire, England) parish (SJ 3231) | Shropshire | England

UF Dre-wen, Y (England), Y Dre-wen (England)

Whitton (Wales) parish (SO 2767) | Powys | Wales

[Also Whitton (Wales) parish (SO 2767) | Radnorshire | Wales]

UF Llanddewi yn Hwytyn (Wales : parish)

Wick (Gloucestershire, England) parish (ST 7073) | Gloucestershire | England

Wick (Wales) parish (SS 9272) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Wick (Wales) parish (SS 9272) | South Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Wick (Wales) parish (SS 9272) | Vale of Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Wig (Wales), Y Wig (Wales)

Wicklow (Ireland) county (53.00N, -6.50E)

UF County Wicklow (Ireland), Cill Mhantáin (Ireland)

Wien (Austria) USE Vienna (Austria) city

Wig (Wales) USE Wick (Wales) parish (SS 9272)

Williamston (Wales) parish (SM 9806) | Dyfed | Wales

[Also Williamston (Wales) parish (SM 9806) | Pembrokeshire | Wales]

Wiltshire (England) county (SU 1430) | England

NT Southwick (Wiltshire, England) parish (ST 8355);  Trowbridge (England) town (ST 8557)

Wiston (Wales) parish (SN 0218)

Wolvesnewton (Wales) (ST 4599)

Wonastow (Wales) parish (SO 4810) | Monmouthshire | Wales

[Also Wonastow (Wales) parish (SO 4810) | Gwent | Wales]

UF Llanwarw (Wales)

Wonthaggi (Australia) inhabited place (-38.6N, 145.6E) | Victoria | Australia

Worcestershire (England) county (SO 8555) | England

UF Caerwrangon (England)

NT Elmley Castle (England) village (SO 9841)

Worfield (England) parish (SO 7595) | Shropshire | England

Workington (England) town (NX 9927) | Cumberland | England

Worthenbury (Wales) parish (SJ 4246) | Flintshire | Wales

[Also Worthenbury (Wales) parish (SJ 4246) | Clwyd | Wales]

UF Wrddymbre (Wales), Gwyrddymp (Wales)

Wrddymbre (Wales) USE Worthenbury (Wales) parish (SJ 4246)

Wrecsam (Wales) USE Wrexham (Wales) county borough (SJ 3350)

Wrexham (Wales : Poor Law Union) Poor Law Union (SJ 2847) | Denbighshire | Wales

[Also Wrexham (Wales : Poor Law Union) Poor Law Union (SJ 2847) | Flintshire | Wales]

[Also Wrexham (Wales : Poor Law Union) Poor Law Union (SJ 2847) | Shropshire | England]

RT Wrexham (Wales) county borough (SJ 3350)
RT Wrexham Regis (Wales) civil parish (SJ 3350)

Wrexham (Wales) county borough (SJ 3350) | Wales

UF Wrecsam (Wales)

NT Acrefair (Wales) place (SJ 2743);  Bersham (Wales) parish (SJ 3049);  Brymbo (Wrexham, Wales) parish (SJ 2953);  Bryn-y-Pys (Wales) house (SJ 3742);  Burton (Wrexham, Wales) parish (SJ 3557);  Bwlchgwyn (Wales) parish (SJ 2653);  Cefn-mawr (Wales) parish (SJ 2842);  Chirk (Wales) parish (SJ 2937);  Erbistock (Wales) parish (SJ 3541);  Glyn Ceiriog (Wales) parish (SJ 2038);  Gresford (Wales) parish (SJ 3554);  Gwersyllt (Wales) parish (SJ 3253);  Holt (Wales) parish (SJ 4053);  Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog (Wales) parish (SJ 1532);  Llangadwaladr (Wrexham, Wales) parish (SJ 1635);  Llay (Wales) parish (SJ 3355);  Marchwiel (Wales) parish (SJ 3547);  Overton (Wrexham, Wales) parish (SJ 3741);  Penycae (Wrexham, Wales) parish (SJ 2745);  Rhosllanerchrugog (Wales) parish (SJ 2946);  Rossett (Wales) parish (SJ 3657);  Ruabon (Wales) parish (SJ 3043);  Trevalyn (Wales) parish (SJ 3856);  Wrexham Regis (Wales) civil parish (SJ 3350)

RT Clwyd (Wales) county (SJ 2363)
RT Denbighshire (Wales) county (SJ 0566)
RT Wrexham (Wales : Poor Law Union) Poor Law Union (SJ 2847)
RT Wrexham (Wales: rural district) rural district (SJ 2847)
RT Wrexham Maelor (Wales) district (SJ 3350)
RT Wrexham Regis (Wales) civil parish (SJ 3350)

Wrexham (Wales: rural district) rural district (SJ 2847) | Denbighshire | Wales

RT Wrexham (Wales) county borough (SJ 3350)
RT Wrexham Maelor (Wales) district (SJ 3350)

Wrexham Maelor (Wales) district (SJ 3350) | Clwyd | Wales

RT Wrexham (Wales) county borough (SJ 3350)
RT Wrexham (Wales: rural district) rural district (SJ 2847)

Wrexham Regis (Wales) civil parish (SJ 3350) | Denbighshire | Wales

[Also Wrexham Regis (Wales) civil parish (SJ 3350) | Wrexham | Wales]

[Also Wrexham Regis (Wales) civil parish (SJ 3350) | Clwyd | Wales]

Wyddfa, Yr (Wales) USE Snowdon (Wales) mountain (SH 6054)

Wyddgrug, Yr (Wales) USE Mold (Wales) parish (SJ 2363)

Wye Valley (Wales) area (SN 8780)

Wyllie (Wales) village (ST 1794) | Caerphilly | Wales

[Also Wyllie (Wales) village (ST 1794) | Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Wyllie (Wales) village (ST 1794) | Mid Glamorgan | Wales]

Wyndham (Wales) village (SS 9391) | Bridgend | Wales

[Also Wyndham (Wales) village (SS 9391) | Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Wyndham (Wales) village (SS 9391) | Mid Glamorgan | Wales]

Wysg, Afon (Wales) USE River Usk (Wales) river (SN 8123)

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