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Vadstena (Sweden) town (58.40N, 14.80E) | Sweden

Vaenor (Wales) USE Vaynor (Wales) parish (SO 0410)

Vale of Glamorgan (Wales) unitary authority (ST 1168) | Wales

UF Bro Morgannwg (Wales)

NT Barry (Wales) town (ST 1168);  Bonvilston (Wales) village (ST 0674);  Boverton (Wales) village (SS 9868);  Cadoxton (Wales) village (ST 1269);  Cogan (Wales) village (ST 1772);  Colwinston (Wales) parish (SS 9475);  Cowbridge (Wales) parish (SS 9974);  Dunraven (Wales) house (SS 8972);  Eglwys-Brewis (Wales) parish (ST 0069);  Ewenny (Wales) parish (SS 9077);  Flemingston (Wales) parish (ST 0170);  Fonmon Castle (Wales) house (ST 0468);  Lavernock (Wales) village (ST 1868);  Llanblethian (Wales) parish (SS 9974);  Llancarfan (Wales) parish (ST 0570);  Llandough (Cowbridge, Wales) village (ST 9972);  Llandough (Penarth, Wales) village (ST 1673);  Llandow (Wales) village (SS 9473);  Llangan (Vale of Glamorgan, Wales) village (SS 9577);  Llanmaes (Vale of Glamorgan, Wales) parish (SS 9869);  Llanmihangel (Wales) parish (SS 9871);  Llansannor (Wales) village (SS 9977);  Llantrithyd (Wales) parish (ST 0472);  Llantwit Major (Wales) parish (SS 9768);  Llanvithyn (Wales) parish (ST 0571);  Llysworney (Wales) parish (SS 9674);  Marcross (Wales) village (SS 9269);  Merthyr Dyfan (Wales) village (ST 1169);  Michaelston-le-Pit (Wales) village (ST 1572);  Monknash (Wales) parish (SS 9170);  Nash (Vale of Glamorgan, Wales) parish (SS 9672);  Ogmore (Wales) area (SS 8876);  Penarth (Wales) parish (ST 1871);  Pendoylan (Wales) village (ST 0676);  Penllyn (Vale of Glamorgan, Wales) village (SS 9776);  Penmark (Wales) parish (ST 0568);  Porthkerry (Wales) village (ST 0866);  Southerndown (Wales) village (SS 8873);  St Andrews Major (Wales) village (ST 1371);  St Andrews Minor (Wales) parish (SS 9273);  St Athan (Wales) parish (ST 0167);  St Bride's-super-Ely (Wales) village (ST 0977);  St Brides Major (Wales) parish (SS 8974);  St Hilary (Wales) village (ST 0173);  St Lythans (Wales) village (ST 1072);  St Mary Church (Wales) village (ST 0071);  St. Donats (Wales) parish (SS 9368);  St. George's (Wales) village (ST 0976);  St. Mary Hill (Wales) village (SS 9678);  St. Nicholas (Vale of Glamorgan, Wales) parish (St 0974);  Sully (Wales) parish (ST 1568);  Welsh St. Donats (Wales) parish (SS 9368);  Wenvoe (Wales) village (ST 1272);  Wenvoe Castle (Wales) house (ST 1271);  Wick (Wales) parish (SS 9272);  Ystradowen (Vale of Glamorgan, Wales) village (ST 0177)

RT South Glamorgan (Wales) county (ST 1876)

Vale of Towy (Wales) area (SN 5000) | Carmarthenshire | Wales

[Also Vale of Towy (Wales) area (SN 5000) | Dyfed | Wales]

Valley (Wales) village (SH 3080) | Anglesey | Wales

[Also Valley (Wales) village (SH 3080) | Gwynedd | Wales]

[Also Valley (Wales) village (SH 3080) | Anglesey | Wales]

UF Y Fali (Wales) , Dyffryn (Isle of Anglesey, Wales), Fali, Y (Wales)

Van (Caerphilly, Wales) parish (ST 1686)

UF Y Fan (Caerphilly, Wales) , Fan (Caerphilly, Wales)

Varteg (Torfaen, Wales) village (SO 2606) | Gwent | Wales

[Also Varteg (Torfaen, Wales) village (SO 2606) | Monmouthshire | Wales]

[Also Varteg (Torfaen, Wales) village (SO 2606) | Torfaen | Wales]

Vaynor (Wales) parish (SO 0410) | Breconshire | Wales

[Also Vaynor (Wales) parish (SO 0410) | Merthyr Tydfil | Wales]

[Also Vaynor (Wales) parish (SO 0410) | Mid Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Faenor (Wales), Vaenor (Wales) , Y Faenor (Wales)
RT Cefn-coed-y-cymmer (Wales) village (SO 0308)
RT Cwm Taf Fechan (Wales) hamlet (SO 1220)
RT Vaynor and Penderyn (Wales) rural district (SO 0410)

Vaynor and Penderyn (Wales) rural district (SO 0410) | Breconshire | Wales

UF Faenor and Penderyn (Wales)
RT Penderyn (Wales) parish (SN 9408)
RT Vaynor (Wales) parish (SO 0410)
RT Ystradfellte (Wales) parish (SN 9213 )

Velindre (Powys, Wales) place (SO 1836) | Breconshire | Wales

[Also Velindre (Powys, Wales) place (SO 1836) | Powys | Wales]

UF Felindre (Tre-goed and Felindre, Powys, Wales)
RT Tre-goed and Felindre (Wales) parish (SO 1937)

Vermont state (44.00N, -73.00E) | United States

Verwick (Wales) USE Ferwig (Wales) parish (SN 1849 )

Victoria state (-34.30N, 142.00E) | Australia

NT Wonthaggi (Australia) inhabited place (-38.6N, 145.6E)

Vienna (Austria) city

UF Wien (Austria)

Voelas (Conwy, Wales) house (SH 8551) | Denbighshire | Wales

[Also Voelas (Conwy, Wales) house (SH 8551) | Clwyd | Wales]

[Also Voelas (Conwy, Wales) house (SH 8551) | Conwy | Wales]

RT Pentrefoelas (Wales) parish (SH 8751)

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