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UK USE Great Britain nation (TQ 3181 )

USA USE United States nation (38.00N, -98.00E)

USSR (nation) USE Soviet Union nation (60.0N, 47.0E)

NT Crimea (Ukraine) general region (45.00N, 34.00E)

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland USE Great Britain nation (TQ 3181 )

United States nation (38.00N, -98.00E)

UF United States of America, Unol Daleithau, Yr, Yr Unol Daleithiau, USA

NT California state (37.00N, -119.00E);  Nevada state (40.00N, -115.00E);  Ohio state (39.15N, -84.45E);  Pennsylvania state (40.83N, -76.00E);  Vermont state (44.00N, -73.00E)

United States of America USE United States nation (38.00N, -98.00E)

Unol Daleithau, Yr USE United States nation (38.00N, -98.00E)

Uplyme (England) parish (SJ 3293) | Devon | England

Upper Dylais (Wales : parish) USE Dylais Higher (Wales) parish (SN 8106)

Upper Killay (Wales) village (SS 5892) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Upper Killay (Wales) village (SS 5892) | Swansea | Wales]

RT Swansea (Wales) unitary authority (SS 6494)

Upton (Cheshire, England) parish (SJ 4068) | Cheshire | England

Upton (Wales) parish (SN 0104) | Pembrokeshire | Wales

[Also Upton (Wales) parish (SN 0104) | Dyfed | Wales]

RT Cosheston (Wales) civil parish (SN 0004)
RT Pembroke (Wales : rural district) rural district (SS 0197)

Usk (Wales) town (SO 3700 ) | Monmouthshire | Wales

[Also Usk (Wales) town (SO 3700 ) | Gwent | Wales]

UF Brynbuga (Wales)

Usk, River (Wales) USE River Usk (Wales) river (SN 8123)

Uwchaled (Wales) rural district (SH 9548) | Denbighshire | Wales

[Also Uwchaled (Wales) rural district (SH 9548) | Clwyd | Wales]

Uwchygarreg (Powys, Wales) parish (SN 7592) | Montgomeryshire | Wales

[Also Uwchygarreg (Powys, Wales) parish (SN 7592) | Powys | Wales]

RT Machynlleth (Wales : district) rural district (SH 7400)

Uzmaston (Wales) parish (SM 9714) | Dyfed | Wales

[Also Uzmaston (Wales) parish (SM 9714) | Pembrokeshire | Wales]

UF Ismiston (Wales)
RT Haverfordwest (Wales : rural district) rural district (SM 9523)

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