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Oakdale (Wales) village (ST 1898) | Brynhyfryd | Swansea | Wales

[Also Oakdale (Wales) village (ST 1898) | Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Oakdale (Wales) village (ST 1898) | Mid Glamorgan | Wales]

Obusai (Ghana) town (6.25N, -1.60E )

Oceania region (0.00N, 180.00E)

Odessa (Ukraine) city (46.5N, 30.8E) | Soviet Union

[Also Odessa (Ukraine) city (46.5N, 30.8E) | Ukraine]

Offwell (England) parish (SY 1999) | Devon | England

Ogmore (Wales) area (SS 8876) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Ogmore (Wales) area (SS 8876) | South Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Ogmore (Wales) area (SS 8876) | Vale of Glamorgan | Wales]

RT Ogmore and Garw (Wales) urban district (SS 8876)
RT Southerndown (Wales) village (SS 8873)

Ogmore Vale (Wales) town (SS 9390) | Bridgend | Wales

[Also Ogmore Vale (Wales) town (SS 9390) | Glamorgan | Wales]

[Also Ogmore Vale (Wales) town (SS 9390) | Mid Glamorgan | Wales]

Ogmore Valley (Wales) river valley (SS 9084) | Bridgend | Wales

UF Cwm Ogwr (Wales : river valley)

Ogmore and Garw (Wales) urban district (SS 8876) | Glamorgan | Wales

RT Betws (Bridgend, Wales) parish (SS 8986)
RT Llandyfodwg (Wales) parish (SS 9587)
RT Ogmore (Wales) area (SS 8876)

Ogwen (Wales) rural district (SH 6268) | Caernarvonshire | Wales

[Also Ogwen (Wales) rural district (SH 6268) | Gwynedd | Wales]

RT Abergwyngregyn (Wales) parish (SH 6572)
RT Llanllechid (Wales) parish (SH 6268)
RT Pentir (Wales) parish (SH 5766 )

Ogwr (Wales : district) district (SS 9080) | Mid Glamorgan | Wales

Ohio state (39.15N, -84.45E) | United States

NT Cincinnati (Ohio) city (39.15N, -84.45E);  Warren (Ohio) county (39.43N, -84.17E)

Old Colwyn (Wales) town (SH 8678) | Clwyd | Wales

[Also Old Colwyn (Wales) town (SH 8678) | Conwy | Wales]

UF Hen Golwyn (Wales)
RT Colwyn (Conwy, Wales : town) town (SH 8678)

Old Hall (Wales) village (SN 9084) | Montgomeryshire | Wales

[Also Old Hall (Wales) village (SN 9084) | Powys | Wales]

RT Llanidloes (Wales) parish (SN 9584)

Old Llanberis (Wales) USE Nant Peris (Wales) village (SH 6058)

Old Radnor (England) parish (SO 2760) | Herefordshire | England

UF Pencraig (England)
RT Old Radnor (Wales) parish (SO 2559)

Old Radnor (Wales) parish (SO 2559) | Radnorshire | Wales

[Also Old Radnor (Wales) parish (SO 2559) | Powys | Wales]

UF Pencraig (Wales)
RT Evenjobb (Wales) civil parish (SO 2662)
RT New Radnor (Wales) rural district (SO 2160)
RT Old Radnor (England) parish (SO 2760)

Oldcastle (Bridgend, Wales) hamlet (SS9080) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Oldcastle (Bridgend, Wales) hamlet (SS9080) | Bridgend | Wales]

Onllwyn (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) village (SN 8410) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Onllwyn (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) village (SN 8410) | Neath Port Talbot | Wales]

[Also Onllwyn (Neath Port Talbot, Wales) village (SN 8410) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

RT Dylais Higher (Wales) parish (SN 8106)
RT Maesmarchog (Wales) village (SN 8510)

Oporto (Portugal) USE Porto (Portugal) district (41.2N, -8.6E)

Orleton (Powys, Wales) USE Trewern (Powys, Wales) township (SJ 2811)

Orsedd, Yr (Wales) USE Rossett (Wales) parish (SJ 3657)

Orsedd-goch, Yr (Wales) USE Rossett (Wales) parish (SJ 3657)

Osterreich USE Austria nation (47.00N, 13.00E)

Oswestry (England) town (SJ 2929 ) | Shropshire | England

UF Croeswallt (England) , Croesoswallt (England)
RT Llanforda (Shropshire, England) estate

Overton (Wrexham, Wales) parish (SJ 3741) | Flintshire | Wales

[Also Overton (Wrexham, Wales) parish (SJ 3741) | Wrexham | Wales]

[Also Overton (Wrexham, Wales) parish (SJ 3741) | Clwyd | Wales]

UF Owrtun (Wales), Owrtun Fadog (Wales)
RT Bryn-y-Pys (Wales) house (SJ 3742)

Owrtun (Wales) USE Overton (Wrexham, Wales) parish (SJ 3741)

Owrtun Fadog (Wales) USE Overton (Wrexham, Wales) parish (SJ 3741)

Oxford (England) city (SP 5106) | Oxfordshire | England

UF Rhydychen (England)

Oxfordshire (England) county (SP 5106) | England

NT Adwell (England) village (SU 6999);  Benson (England) parish (SU 6191);  Oxford (England) city (SP 5106)

Oxhey (England) village (TQ 1295) | Hertfordshire | England

Oxwich (Wales) (SS 4986) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Oxwich (Wales) (SS 4986) | Swansea | Wales]

[Also Oxwich (Wales) (SS 4986) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

RT Gower (Wales) area (SS 5290)

Oystermouth (Wales) parish (SS 6188) | Glamorgan | Wales

[Also Oystermouth (Wales) parish (SS 6188) | Swansea | Wales]

[Also Oystermouth (Wales) parish (SS 6188) | West Glamorgan | Wales]

UF Ystumllwynarth (Wales : parish)
RT Mumbles Head (Wales) area (SS 6387)
RT Newton (Swansea, Wales) village (SS 6088)

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